Friday, 15 January 2016

Siblings In January

Ok so this month I admit, I'm cheating slightly as the majority of these photos were taken around Christmas and New Year - but there were many lovely moments of the boys experiencing their first Christmas together that I felt it was just too special an occasion not to document!

I feel like the boys relationship has really blossomed over the Christmas period and they've been interacting with each other so much more than ever before.

They each had an interest in the toys each other received for Christmas - Tyne loved the toot toot animals and Thomas Rail Rollers that Noah received in particular, and Noah just loves any of Tyne's train sets and Vtech toot toot cars! - and so this seems to have encouraged them to play together more.

Tyne is very cautious about not leaving any small toys around Noah as we've taught him that we mustn't let Noah put anything small in his mouth, and so Tyne plays the protective big brother role - removing anything he deems dangerous and telling Noah "No Noo Noo, that's not for little babas!"

He loved helping Noah to open his Christmas gifts, and of course "Sharing" anything fun he got (i.e...playing with it first!)

I'm noticing more and more lately how Noah watches every little move that Tyne makes, he seems to be the biggest fascination in Noah's you can see in the photo above Noah is always watching what Tyne is doing, what he's playing with...he laughs when Tyne is being silly, and even cries when Tyne is upset about something - he is utterly fascinated by Tyne's hair and is always trying to grab at it or pull at his clothes whenever he's within arms reach, almost as though he's forever trying to pull him closer!

Tyne still asks a few times a day if Noah can be sat on his knee, which we still let him do but we have to sit close by as Noah is so bouncy and energetic these days but he loves his cuddle time with his big brother and loves to stroke his face while he holds him.

I can't wait to see how their relationship develops this year as Noah continues to grow and be more capable of really playing with Tyne, I think Tyne is really going to love having a proper little playmate at hand!

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