Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Ordinary Moments: Bubble Baths & Bumps

I'm getting into the final stretch of my third pregnancy now - as I write this I'm 35 weeks and 3 days along.

Although the majority of this pregnancy has been an absolute breeze compared to my last two, these last few weeks have really taken their toll on me.

I'm in so much pain with SPD, my emotions are all over the place between birth anxieties and worry about managing life with 3 children under 3, everyday life stresses are getting to me big time and I'm just constantly so completely exhausted.

And of course, with a 2 year and a 10 month old to look after, there's very little time for exhaustion! 

It doesn't matter how tired or weak I'm feeling, it doesn't matter how much pain I'm in - they still need feeding, looking after, entertaining and loving just as much as ever before.

I've found the last couple of weeks to be a massive struggle - the days feel like they're never ending, I feel like time has stopped and the pregnancy doesn't seem to be progressing any further...I swear I've been 35 weeks pregnant for about 2 months now!

But at the end of every day, when it's all getting too much to handle, we head up the stairs, run a bubble bath and I sit down on the loo while the kids splash around together and play.

And suddenly, no matter how hard the day has been, no matter how much grumpiness or how many tantrums may have been had, no matter how much we might have struggled to get through it - that magical bathtime seems to ease it all away.

And I sit there, watching my beautiful boys laugh and play together, blow bubbles to each other, give each other Bubble Beards and Bubble Hats - I suddenly feel like it's all going to be ok.

I can do's just a few more weeks.

And then there'll be one more little face sitting in that bathtub, joining in the fun, making all the stress and the strain so very worthwhile.

Isn't it funny how something as simple as a bubble bath can make life suddenly seem so much brighter?

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