Friday, 29 January 2016

TV's Top Programmes of 2015!

We’re nearly through the first month of 2016, and to some last year is already fast becoming a distant memory.

There were many TV programmes and events that became huge parts of many people’s lives in 2015. Be they water cooler dramas, sporting events, documentaries or comedies to name but a few, many of us found ourselves tuning in to be entertained, informed or educated.

But what were the top TV events and shows of 2015? Which series had you tuning in for more, loving and loathing characters in equal measure?

Slotfruit has compiled a list following a survey of 1600 people, to determine ‘what was the best TV show of 2015?’ The results according to the survey are below; see if you agree with them, you may be surprised…

1) Great British Bake Off         (198 votes / 12%)
1) Downton Abbey                  (198 votes / 12%)
2) Strictly Come Dancing        (151 votes / 9%)
3) Dr Who                               (146 votes / 9%)
4) The X Factor                       (106 votes / 7%)
5) The Apprentice                   (81 votes / 5%)
6) Broadchurch                       (76 votes / 5%)
7) Humans                              (75 votes / 5%)
8) EastEnders                         (73 votes / 5%)
9) MasterChef                         (63 votes / 4%)
9) Britain’s Got Talent              (63 votes / 4%)
10) Bear Grylls                        (62 votes / 5%)
11) Coronation Street              (61 votes / 3%)
12) Dr Foster                           (58 votes / 3%)
13) Poldark                              (50 votes / 3%)
14) The Voice                          (49 votes / 3%)
15) Casualty                            (34 votes / 2%)

As you can see some are of no surprise, whilst others are somewhat out of the blue. For many we can look forward to seeing more from our favourite series this year. Others however (i.e Downton) have left us for good and can only be revisited via Boxed Sets or on demand – I’ve never seen an episode of it myself and I`m tempted to give it a try!

From that list I only watched The Apprentice myself, I usually love The Great British Bake Off but ended up not finishing the last series after missing too many episodes!

So what were your favourite TV moments of 2015?

If there’s anything missed off the list you feel was TV gold and should have been included, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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