Monday, 4 January 2016

What The Boys Wore: Christmas Edition

One of the things I most enjoy about the festive season is getting the chance to really dress the boys up!

It used to be all about dressing myself up when it came to Christmas, I always had a new outfit for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day - this year I didn't actually have a new outfit for any of those events!!!

My focus now is all on the boys, and I get so excited about planning their outfits.

When I found out I was having a little boy I worried that it wouldn't be as much fun to dress him up as it would a little girl with all the frilly dresses and bows - but I soon came to realise that boys can truly be just as much fun to dress - admittedly high street stores can be quite rubbish with their selections for boys but you just have to look a little bit harder to find gorgeous clothes, and I find that makes it all the more rewarding!

It would be so easy to give in and just stick them in whatever t shirt and jeans I first stumble across but I wouldn't find that fun at all - I love seeing them dressed smart and I enjoy the compliments they get when we're out and about! 

So what have the boys been wearing over Christmas?!

On Christmas Day, Tyne wore a cute checked red and blue shirt with a Singing Snowman tie from Next, paired with some bright red jeans also from Next - He loved showing off his Singing tie to everybody!

Noah wore a super cute outfit from H & M comprised of a white collared shirt, cords and braces and a super cute little dicky bow!

On Boxing Day, Tyne wore this cute burgundy shirt and blue bow tie set from Nutmeg at Morrisons.

Noah's 3 piece outfit was a bargain - it was a navy jumper, white shirt with dicky bow and red jeans - it was by Mamas and Papas but was purchased brand new with tags from a market stall my mum came across selling store seconds (though there wasn't a thing wrong with it!) for just £6!!!

On New Years Eve, Noah wore this very cute little Tuxedo look onesie from La Redoute.

And Tyne wore his 3 piece Emil Et Rose navy outfit which I stupidly forgot to snap a photo of!

On New Years Day they wore their matching white Grandad shirts, tweed trousers and braces set from La Redoute which is what they also wore in their recent Christmas Photoshoot!

And finally, on January 2nd when we had a little post Christmas get together, they wore their new outfits from Monsoon Children which had arrived on Christmas Eve!

Tyne's shirt collar jumper is so smart and perfect for our Cruise holiday in May (Now reduced to £12.00!), and looks so adorable paired with these David denim jeans (£17.00).

And Noah's soldier print shirt with dicky bow (£18.00)  is absolutely adorable, and looked so cute paired with these beige chinos with braces (£18.00) and his super cute personalised high tops from My 1st Years!

I can't wait for next Christmas when I'll have 3 little people to dress up for the festive season!!!

While we're on the topic of clothes, I've just come across this fun quiz from  Bedroom Storage where you can find out what your wardrobe says about you! A fun way to pass a few minutes!!

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