Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Workwear Favourite Looks

Working as a freelance blogger the majority of my working day is spent at home - sitting at the computer whilst I write or respond to emails, taking product photographs or filming videos, sorting through finances, etc.

So if I'm totally honest - my "work uniform" consist mostly of pyjamas!!!

Every now and then I'll make an effort to get dressed as I do think that feeling ready for a working day can help to put you in a more productive mind set, but let's face it - I'm at home with my kids coming in and out every 30 seconds to cover me in chocolate or get paint on me - so dressing up nice isn't really ever a worthwhile option!

Having said that, occasionally during my life as a blogger the need will arise to dress in a professional manner - when I need to attend an event or meeting with a company, or represent my blog during a review dinner or hotel stay for example.

For those occasions, I turn to the workwear section of high street stores such as House Of Fraser and I have to say - browsing their selections can often make me miss my office work days when I always so enjoyed choosing my workwear and planning out my outfits each day!

I've been browsing online this evening, and if I was to have a little workwear shopping spree at the moment then these would certainly be high on my list!


What kind of clothing do you wear to work? If you work from home too, do you dress for the occasion or opt for the PJs too?!

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