Wednesday, 10 February 2016

38 Week (possibly final?) Bump Update + COMPETITION!

 This could well be my very last bump update - who knows!!

We don't really know when it's going to happen!

We were given a date originally - which was at some point around the 39 week mark (I don't like to share the date as I like the surprise element!) - but due to my ever declining health with extreme pain from my previous scar, extreme SPD leaving me unable to walk, and extreme mental and physical exhaustion from the pain leaving me unable to sleep - the hospital have suggested we bring the date forward.

The only problem is - they don't know when!

Instead I've been given a few different dates to simply turn up at the hospital ready to go into theatre if they're able to slot me in - so I could still end up going all the way to 39 weeks-ish and merely spending a few mornings at the hospital between now and then, or I could end up being admitted and having the baby sooner! It's genuinely anybody's guess at this point!

How many weeks am I? 37 weeks + 6 days

What are my symptoms?

Still a lot of intense pain in my previous scar - I stood up to get to Noah quickly a few days ago when he was trying to pull on a wire he found and I ended up collapsed on the floor in tears because it genuinely felt like it was ripping open! This is the main reason they're talking about bringing the delivery forward.

Still terrible SPD pain - I can now pretty much no longer walk unaided, and I can't turn over in bed without the pain waking me up so I'm sleeping perhaps an hour or so at night. 

A lot of physical and mental exhaustion but this is probably more so from lack of sleep than anything else, although I am anemic and still on iron tablets too.

Other than that symptoms haven't been much, no heartburn at all during this pregnancy, no nausea since the first trimester, no headaches etc.

I have had lots of period pain though!

What's happened at medical appointments? 

I had my last midwife appointment last week and she went over some of my birth plan with me, she seemed to think none of it would be an issue but wouldn't really commit to anything saying I'd have to discuss it all with the anesthetist at the pre-op - my pre-op appointment is coming up in a few days time so that will be my last appointment before the baby is born.

She felt around my tummy, baby is still measuring large - eeek! She also pointed out that babies femur length is on the 97th centile so it seems that this is a tall baby which is odd as, despite Jon and I being tall, Tyne and Noah were both shorter than average!

How is the baby prep going? 

It's pretty much as done as it's going to be! The last thing I need has just been ordered (Breathing monitor) and should be delivered in two days time, my cord ties arrived a few days ago so we're all set! I just need to put clean sheets on the crib and co sleeper, and we're good to go!

How am I feeling emotionally?

I'm feeling pretty nervous about the birth at the moment!

Especially since I just don't know when to expect it to happen, I don't know how many days I'll end up sitting around the hospital waiting for a c section and being sent home without one, I'm worried incase I end up with a really incompetent surgeon who ends up killing me when if the date had been left at the original one I may have had an amazing surgeon - all these thoughts are plaguing me!

How are the big brothers doing?  

Noah is oblivious - the thought of seeing him around a newborn is hilarious to think of, he just isn't going to have a clue whats going on at all!

Tyne has been very focused on the baby for the past week or so which is a big change from how he's been the rest of the time - he knows I'm going in to hospital for a few nights, and keeps talking about how somebody on Caillou went into hospital because the broke their leg - so he seems to understand it somewhat!

He asks everyday if the baby is coming out today, and seems to be quite excited about it - though when we ask him if the baby will be a boy or a girl, he still says " a train"!

Anything else? 

I think that's pretty much everything!!! My only issue now is finding a suitable outfit for coming home from the hospital, as I usually wear leggings or jeggings but I feel like these will be too uncomfortable with my scar - with Tyne I wore a maxi dress which was perfect but I can't seem to find any non-strappy or dressy ones anywhere!


With each of the boys, I ran a little blog competition to give someone the chance to win a nice prize - this time the prize on offer is a £20.00 Amazon gift voucher.

To be in with a chance of winning, just complete the Rafflecopter follow options below and then comment below with your answers to the following questions! Whoever is the closest to answering correctly and has completed all follow options, will be the winner!

The draw will close as soon as I have announced the babies via social media so please check my Instagram page first incase I'm unable to close the rafflecopter draw straight away!

The Questions

*What date will baby be born?
*What time will baby be born?
*Will baby be a boy or a girl?
*What weight will baby be?
*What will baby be named? (Guess one name for each gender!)

Here are some clues to help you:

Date Clue: The due date is 25th February - baby is going to be born at some point between 38 weeks (11th February) and 39 + 5 (23rd February).

Time Clue: C-section deliveries are done between 8am and  1pm at my hospital.

Name Clue: One of the names we've chosen is to do with nature (Such as Rain, Orion, Lily, Fox) , and one of the names we have chosen is also a word in the dictionary/an occupation (Such as Porter, Miller, Piper, Harper)

Weight Clue: Tyne was 6lbs 13oz and Noah was 8 lbs exactly - they say each baby gets heavier but who knows?!

Gender Clue: Incase it helps with the gender question, here is babys 12 week scan photo:

Good Luck...and wish me luck too! ;)

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  1. It's gone so quickly...or so it seems.
    I'm guessing 19th Feb
    Little girlie
    7lbs 9Oz

    And hazarding a guess at name as I've no idea....Blossom

    Whatever it is and when wishing you the best of luck sweetie xxx

  2. Oh bless you, I'm sorry you are suffering so much, I hope you won't have much longer to wait. You won't end up with an incompetent surgeon lovely! I hope whenever it happens you have a wonderful experience and that it all goes well. And here are my guesses:

    Date: 15th Feb
    Time: 2.15pm
    Gender: boy
    Weight: 7lb 8oz
    Names: Summer or Archer

    Good luck lovely!xxx

  3. Date: 18th
    Time: 9.31am
    Gender: Boy
    Weight: 8lb
    Names: River or Draper

  4. I'm going to guess...
    Date : 18th Feb
    Time: 12.40
    Gender: boy
    Weight: 8lbs 2oz

  5. *What date will baby be born? 13th feb
    *What time will baby be born? 8.40am
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? girl
    *What weight will baby be? 8Lbs
    *What will baby be named? (Guess one name for each gender!) Daisy or Orion

  6. date 16th Feb
    Time 10.35
    Sex boy
    Weight 7lb 7
    Names Summer and Archie

  7. I'm going to guess:
    Date: 17th Feb
    Time: 11.01am
    Gender: girl
    Weight: 7lb 12oz
    Names: Summer


  8. Not long now lovely!

    Date: 19th Feb
    Time: 1045am
    Gender: Boy
    Weight: 8lb 3Oz
    Names: Archer or Saffron

    Good luck! xxxx

  9. Feb 13th at 9.47 am
    Girl weighing 7 11
    Carter or Violet

    Best of luck and hope all goes well! x

  10. *What date will baby be born? 14/02/16
    *What time will baby be born? 8:31 am
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? Girl
    *What weight will baby be? 8lb 2oz
    *What will baby be named? (Guess one name for each gender!) Summer and Hunter? (I decided to take a wild guess!)

  11. I am guessing

    13th Feb at 10:21
    boy weighing 9lb 1st

  12. Best of luck with everything, hope it all goes well. For some reason I thought you were due same day as me!

  13. 20th Feb
    Woody Hooper

  14. Feb 16th at 8:41am
    Girl 7lb 2oz

    Eek! Can believe your neatly there, seems to have flown! ( prob not for you tho xx

  15. date 16th Feb
    Time 10.30
    Sex girl
    Weight 7lb 7
    Names fleur and Tommy

  16. February 16th
    11.02 am
    7 lb 10
    Names: Summer, Harper

    Good luck with the delivery!

  17. Born 16th February at 9.15am
    Boy 8lb 2oz
    Boy's name Mason - a wild guess
    Girl's name Blossom - another wild guess

  18. Born: 20th February
    7lb 10
    Samuel :)
    Good Luck

  19. Oooohhhh - good luck, you'll be fine - all the doctors know what they are doing and you will soon have a gorgeous little bundle to hold xxx. I'm predicting:
    8lb 20z
    13th at 9.27 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. What date will baby be born? 18th February
    *What time will baby be born? 12:52 p.m.
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? Girl
    *What weight will baby be? 8lb 2 oz
    *What will baby be named? Girl: Autumn and Boy: Hunter

  21. I know you are in pain but you are looking very beautiful in these photos :)

    My guess is 14th February at 1.18pm

    Girl weighing 7ibs 10oz

    Rose for a girl and Miller for a boy

  22. Date - 17th Feb
    Time - 2.30pm
    Gender - boy
    Weight - 8lb 10oz
    Names - Sky or Fletcher

  23. What date will baby be born? 17th February
    *What time will baby be born? 2:13 am
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? girl
    *What weight will baby be? 8 lbs 1oz
    *What will baby be named? Rose for a girl or Hunter for a boy

  24. p.s Sorry I forgot to add best of luck with the birth, I hope everything goes okay for you. xxx

  25. *What date will baby be born?19th feb
    *What time will baby be born?3:02pm
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl?girl
    *What weight will baby be?7lb 5
    *What will baby be named? (Guess one name for each gender!)Alice or Albie

  26. *What date will baby be born?19th feb
    *What time will baby be born?12.45am
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl?boy
    *What weight will baby be?8.5
    *What will baby be named? unsure

    goodluck to you very exciting xxx

  27. *What date will baby be born? 16th February
    *What time will baby be born? 14:08
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? Girl
    *What weight will baby be? 8lb 5oz
    *What will baby be named? (Guess one name for each gender!) Lily Harper or Orion Miller

  28. *What date will baby be born? 16th February
    *What time will baby be born? 14:08
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? girl
    *What weight will baby be? 8lb 5oz
    *What will baby be named? (Guess one name for each gender!) Lily Harper or Orion Miller

  29. *What date will baby be born? 23/02/16
    *What time will baby be born? 11.45am
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? boy
    *What weight will baby be? 6lb 6oz
    *What will baby be named?phoenix or nirvana

  30. *What date will baby be born? 22nd February
    *What time will baby be born? 9:12am
    *Will baby be a boy or a girl? boy
    *What weight will baby be? 7lb 3oz
    *What will baby be named? Autumn or Archer


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