Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Superhero/Minecraft Party and a 1st Birthday Bash!

At the end of March, I have not one but two birthdays to organise and celebrate!

On 26th March Tyne will be turning 3 years old, and just 5 days later on 31st March Noah will be celebrating his very 1st birthday.

With two children celebrating birthdays so close together, there's a lot to organise and as they draw closer I can feel my stress levels starting to rise! A lot of people have been suggesting that I go with a joint celebration for the boys and whilst this is something I may think about doing in future once they're older, right now I feel like I want to try to keep their birthdays separate - after all you only have your 1st birthday once and Tyne got to have his own big celebration for that, so I feel like Noah deserves the same treatment!

So lately my evenings have been spent on good old Pinterest trying to come up with themes, food and decor ideas, birthday cake inspiration and all the rest of the birthday madness!

Noah is the easier of the two boys to plan for, as obviously he has no idea what's going on!! I've decided that we'll do a Cake Smash at home for him, as we did one for Tyne and I so loved taking the photos of him and have loved looking back on them since - I'll be doing it the sane way that we did Tyne's at home cake smash - with a cheap, simple cake from a supermarket and some home photo props! Nothing too fancy and nice and easy to clean up after!

Later that day we'll have a tea party at home to celebrate his birthday with family, it will just be us and his grandparents & cousins - I'll be doing a very simple buffet tea, and maybe a game of pass the parcel or two but that will be pretty much it.

We had a Peppa Pig character for Tyne's 1st birthday but Noah really isn't a fan of people in dress up so I think we'll avoid that for him!

The theme I'm going with is a red & blue Flying High Glider Plane theme, and I'll be baking his birthday cake myself...I'm really not good at baking but I made Tyne's 1st Birthday Cake myself so I feel like its a tradition I should keep up with for every child! Wish me luck!

As for Tyne's birthday - this is where the problems come in!

My initial idea had been to hold a party at a local soft play centre like we did last year - it means minimal effort for me, no clearing away afterwards - nice and straight forward! Unfortunately for me, his birthday this year falls during Easter Weekend so all of our local soft play centres are closed!!

I have been browsing Venuefinder to try and locate alternative birthday party locations, but failing that we'll just be having the party at home instead.

Tyne doesn't go to nursery yet so he doesn't know a great deal of children to invite, it will just be his cousins and a couple of family friends so our house is big enough.

I have been desperately trying to get him to decide on a theme for the party but he can't seem to choose - one minute he's telling me he wants a Minecraft party (He's never played Minecraft in his life but he watches other people play it on YouTube apparently?!) and the next he wants a Superheroes who knows what we'll end up with!

I've started Pinterest boards for both themes, and have come up with some ideas for food, decor and party games so I guess we'll just see which one he chooses in a couple of weeks time when its a bit closer!

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