Tuesday, 16 February 2016

First Time Car Buyers-A Simple Guide

For many people, the purchasing of a first car is exciting, liberating, daunting, can be fraught with hazards and a little scary.

As a first time car buyer, unless you are familiar with the motor trade there can be a lot to consider, and sometimes it can seem just too much to take on board. It's also very easy to find yourself seduced by shiny paintwork, or a supercool feature without taking the practical and financial sides of things into account. After all, just because your friend drives Car A, does that mean the same vehicle will be suitable for your needs, or practical on your pocket? Do you buy 2nd Hand or Brand new? Diesel or Petrol? These simple questions may seem straightforward but there are many factors to take into account that you may previously have not considered.

With the new 16 plate reg cars becoming available in a matter of weeks, motorparks have put together a thorough yet simple guide to assist people when considering buying their first car.
By weighing up the pro's and cons illustrated on this guide, first time car buyers can make an informed decision about what may be best for them.

So having taken everything in to account which options would you choose as a first car? Do you have any funny stories about your first car? I'd love to hear about them!

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