Friday, 19 February 2016

Introducing Sailor...

I can hardly believe I'm writing this post so soon - it honestly feels like only a few weeks ago that I was sharing my surprise 3rd pregnancy announcement at 21 weeks along! (And oh look, I'm wearing the same top as I am in the photo above...I do have others, honest!)
The whole pregnancy seemed to fly past (funny how quickly you forget all the pain and months of discomfort, isn't it?!) and I was expecting to be delivering by planned c section on 19th February, a few days ahead of my due date of 25th February.
So really, he shouldn't be arriving until today...but things started to get much more difficult with my SPD and scar tissue pain from my last c section toward the end and the decision was made to bring the C-section forward.
I wasn't expecting the surgery to go ahead on the first occasion that we turned up for a sit and wait appointment, as we'd been warned the date would most likely be pushed back and it would take a few sit and wait appointments before we eventually got a slot - but it did go ahead on the first occasion!
The birth went so very smoothly, but I'll be sharing all the details (And some amazing photos from the c section which Jon managed to capture too!) in my birth story post in a few days time.

For now, I'm just here to introduce the newest little prince in our family!

 We had kept babies sex a surprise until the end, but I had a strong feeling throughout the pregnancy that it would be a boy - and when the Dr dropped the curtains to hold him up, I saw that I had been right!!! He was indeed a lovely little boy!
He arrived, very vocally!, into the world at 12.26 pm on Friday 12th February.

We named him Sailor James Bodhi.

We chose the name Sailor at about 30 weeks along - I had really struggled to find any names I really loved throughout the pregnancy , and one day I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed the name Sailor on an account - I instantly fell in love with it! I mentioned it to Jon and he loved it too, and so from that moment on we were sold...If baby was a boy he would definitely be Sailor!

We did wonder whether to use it or not as we weren't sure if it was too unusual - something I blogged about during my pregnancy - but in the end, we decided we loved it too much not to!

My mum and dad hate it (My dad calls him Paul!) but we've had nice comments from other people and the midwives/nurses so I'm not worried - besides, we love it and that's all that matters!

His middle names were chosen for different reasons - James was at the request of my mum as he had originally been due to be born on her late brothers birthday, her brothers name was Ronald James - I was not at all keen on the idea of using Ronald but I didn't mind James at all and I thought it flowed well with Sailor so we decided to go with it.

Bodhi was a name I loved and had considered as a first name option, and I thought it matched Sailor well.

Sailor weighed 7 lbs exactly at birth - he has a tongue tie which has made breastfeeding very difficult as he struggles to latch on and even when he manages it he can't stay on for long. He has been dropping weight a lot, which meant we had to stay in hospital for 3 days - he also has quite bad jaundice and this has been giving us some worry too, the midwife thought they may need to admit him to SCBU which I was very worried about but the tests have since come back to indicate that he doesn't need to be admitted which is a big relief!
 He has lots and lots of hair - just like they told me he would at my last growth scan! It's very dark just like Tyne's was when he was born - a lot of people have commented that he looks like Noah in photos but in reality he looks exactly like Tyne did as a baby!

He is so very tiny - he seems TOO tiny, like a little dolly - his legs are so thin, there isn't a pick of baby chub on him at all! We bought size 1 nappies and they were literally falling off him, so he's now in micro nappies and even those are still quite big.

He's in Tiny Baby sizing in clothing, the New Baby vests and sleepsuits we have are absolutely huge on him.

Because of his jaundice he is very sleepy, so it's quite rare to see him with his eyes open - he sleeps pretty much all day and all night at the moment.

He loves to be cuddled, and isn't really happy unless I'm holding him - but that's fine by me!!!

We stayed in hospital for 3 days due to Sailor's jaundice and issues with feeding, it was such a relief to get home at last and we had a lovely homecoming waiting for us as my mum had decorated the living room with banners and balloons, and set up Sailor's crib along with a lovely set of drawers filled with clothes she'd bought for him.

His big brothers have taken to him really well - Tyne is besotted with him, and refers to him by his full 3 names at all times..."My new brother, Sailor James Bodhi!"

Noah is obviously largely oblivious to who this new little creature is but he has a definite interest in him and keeps crawling over to have a look and try to grab his hair!

The boys visited Sailor in hospital on the day he was born, and Tyne visited again the following day.

It's now been 1 week since Sailor arrived into our lives and we are all smitten with him - he is the most beautiful little thing, and already it feels like he's never not been here.

Tyne declared this week, all by himself, "Sailor is a part of our family now" - and that pretty much sums it up I think!

Thank you for reading!

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