Monday, 29 February 2016

Me & Mine in February

And so begins life as a family of five!!!
I am now a mother of 3 sons - eeeek!!! How crazy does that sound?! I can hardly believe that we have these 3 beautiful little boys, time seems to have flown by so very fast since Tyne arrived in our lives less than 3 years ago and here we are with two more little additions!
Life has certainly been hectic since Sailor arrived - these photos were taken the day after a particularly difficult night when all 3 children had been awake and crying at 4 am - Jon and I had been rushing between the 3 of them trying to get them all settled and the next day we were both exhausted!

Tyne has been suffering with glue ear since the day after Sailor was born, Noah had been full of a very bad cold, I had been suffering with gallstone issues and full of cold myself, and Sailor was still poorly with his jaundice and going through his feeding issues - so none of us were in the best of health and you can see that from the photos - I look like death warmed up, Tyne is pasty and Noah looks sick with red cheeks and watery eyes - but this is how life has been this month.
Our first month as parents to 3 children under 3 has been a baptism of fire, but we're managing and getting through with a bit of humour and a lot of coffee!
I could have edited the photos or tried again for better ones on a better day, but that wouldn't be a reflection of our reality right now and I'd prefer to document that...because these memories are just as worthwhile holding on to as the perfect snapshots too!
It's family life...warts, wrinkles and under eye shadows included!!!

And in the spirit of reality, you wouldn't believe how many shots it took to get just two that show us all looking at the camera I thought I'd share a few that show how this scene actually looked in between "Good" takes too!

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