Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Mother’s Day Treats

Now I don’t know about you, but since the birth of Tyne back in 2013, in our house Mother’s Day can be quite hectic. 

With our little family now including new member Sailor this year, I’m sure Jon will have his hands full ‘helping’ Tyne, Noah and Sailor to make cards and pickout a little mothers day treat for me. This is lovely and I am very excited at the prospect of it, but just to help push Jon in the right direction I’ve created a little list of what would help make my Mother’s Day ideal (cheeky!)

·         Breakfast in Bed. Ok so it’s obvious and I know not everyone appreciates toast crumbs on the duvet, but in our house it always turns in to more than just the act of eating. Our bed becomes the depositary for children seeking cuddles, story books, odd socks, and snuggles.

Instead of breakfast in bed per una, it becomes feeding time at the zoo with little hands reaching for my breakfast. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this and it’s great being all snuggled up, but this year I’d maybe love some me time to enjoy breakfast in peace…

·         Ok so bit of an odd one and it’s not really a present for me, but I would love some new nursery furniture. With Sailors arrival on the 12th, I have been scouring the internet looking for inspiration for his nursery. From curtains to lampshades, rugs to cots, I’ve been planning every aspect of how I want his nursery to look. Room To Grow may just provide the answers to what I have been looking for.

 With some gorgeous items such as the Bailey Sleigh Cot Bed, this 
Mummy really would have a Mother’s day to remember.

·         Personalised jewellery. I love sparkle (well duh) and shiny things and personalised items with birthstones, names, birth date etc. on them. I’ve recently come across some lovely items such as a necklace and rings that the boy’s names could be incorporated in to.

For me little things such as these really carry a lot of meaning and whilst they may not be from Tiffany, they’re priceless to me.

·         Meal out/Meal in. Now call me old fashioned but I still love the experience of dining at a nice restaurant. Getting glammed up and enjoying the simple pleasure of good food in nice surroundings is such a treat and never gets tired. Add to this that fact I don’t have to do the dishes, 
well you’ve got a date!

There is however a lot to be said for eating in. Be it a homemade favourite or a takeaway, there’s something rather special about good food, home comfort, and being in the place you call home with the people you love the most. So on reflection, you could say I have Mother’s Day every day.

What would be your ideal Mothers Day gift?

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