Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My Dream Blogging Space

office space

One addition to our home that I have been desperate for lately is a dedicated, personalised blogging space!

I used to blog solely from my laptop but these days I find it so much harder to concentrate when I do that and I'm lucky in that I do have a desktop computer and my own little corner with a desk where I can keep my spreadsheets open, keep my notebooks and have everything altogether for work days - but as it stands, my desk is full of clutter and rubbish and is shoved in a corner of the very busy and usually untidy playroom!

This is far from ideal as a)A cluttered workspace is a cluttered mind and a gazillion Thomas trains at my feet do not equate to a positive working environment and b) a playroom is usually inhabited by small children - who are also not conducive to good focused work!

Unfortunately there really isn't any additional space available in our house at the moment - my only other options would be the cellar, which creeps me out and I wouldn't want to work down there alone of a night!, or the living room - which is where my desk used to be but I much prefer having the living room kept as a Non-work space.

Instead I'm just going to have to wait until there is space in our bedroom to move my work station up there - right now that area of the bedroom is taken up with new babies crib, so it's a no go for the time being - but once Noah and Tyne are sharing a room and the new baby is in its own nursery, then I'll have my bedroom back and I can finally have my blogging space!

With that in mind I've been coming up with some ideas of how I'd love it to look!

I absolutely LOVE this corner work desk from Ikea, I just love the high back which would give me lots of space for sticking up the motivational prints that I love from various Etsy sellers - I really want some Roald Dahl quotes up too as I just find them so inspiring!

I also love that the top of the desk is ideal for files and a colourful house plant, I would love something along the lines of the mini lemon tree!

A desk tidy is also going to be required and I love that this particular one has a stand for my Iphone, as I often need to refer to it whilst working!

I will also need a filing cabinet as the boys so often end up going through my papers and messing things up, so Fast Keys Cabinet Locks will also be needed to keep everything safe and secure!

Add in a nice comfy swivel chair, a funky mug and some cool stationery and I'll be all set!

Do you have a blogging space? What would be in your ideal work space?

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