Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sailor at 1 Week Old

Dear Sailor,
You are now a whole week old.
It makes me inexplicably sad to think that a whole week has past already since your arrival - I feel kind of in shock that you're even here already, and to think a whole week has zoomed by is so strange.
It seems like only yesterday I was sitting here writing exactly the same thing about your brother Noah, and already he's turning 1 next month - so I'm all too aware of how quickly this baby stage passes and I'm so very keen to drink every second of it in, and savour every last little gurgle, every moment that you grab hold of my finger in your tiny hand, every time you look up at me with those beautiful eyes...because I know how quickly you're going to grow and change.

I always feel this same pang of sadness as the newborn days fly past - they're so very special and I'm so conscious of trying to relish them and so fearful of not enjoying them enough while they last. I'm sure it's just the hormones wreaking havoc on me.
You are genuinely the most beautiful baby I have ever seen (Don't tell your brothers I said that!), you have the tiniest little face yet it's so very full of character and expression.
This past week you've spent most of your time being cuddled into me, as we try to get a grip on feeding you - you've been poked and prodded a lot by various midwives and nurses as we try to figure out what to do about your tongue tie, and you've been cooed over by visitors and family too.
Your feeding hasn't got off to a great start but we're both trying our best on that front.

You sleep so much due to your jaundice, and as lovely as sleepy newborn cuddles are and as nice as it's been not having many nightime wake ups - I do hope that you start feeling better and waking more in the coming days as the more you feed, the better you'll get and we want our little prince healthy!
Sailor I'm not sure if you'll be our last baby or not, no decisions have been made about that yet but right now you're my little baby prince - my only surprise one and you are so very precious and special to us. I can't wait to watch you grow and learn, and see you develop a relationship with your big brothers - you got very lucky in the brother department, I know they'll look after you so well little one!
Lots of Love,

Mummy xoxo

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