Monday, 15 February 2016

Siblings In February

These boys of mine have had almost 11 months together now - getting used to each other, forming a relationship all of their own.

I remember the day that Tyne met Noah at the hospital as if it was yesterday (let's face it, it almost was!) - he was so excited by him, so delicate with him, so ready to start his "Big brother" journey.

I couldn't have asked for a smoother transition once we brought Noah home - I'd heard so many things about how children can react to new siblings so I was ready to look out for all of the different signs of trouble to come - issues with jealousy, possessiveness, etc - the older child not taking much interest in the baby, being too rough, etc - I'd done a lot of reading on the subject and I felt pretty ready to tackle whatever came our way.

I was ready to just sit back and let Tyne discover Noah in his own time....

But I needn't have worried - Tyne took to Noah so quickly and easily - I almost wish I'd had more of an "experience" with it as it would have given me a lot more to write about here on my blog but he honestly didn't ever seem phased by Noah's arrival.

He seemed to love him from the minute he was brought home, he always wanted to cuddle and kiss him, always asked if Noah could be put on his knee, always wanted to "talk" to Noah (as in...have us be Noah's voice so he could chat to him!) and show him his toys, and so on.

And over the last 11 months, that's continued - of course there've been moments he's been too rough and Noah has cried, or times that Tyne has got irritated with Noah taking one of his toys - but there have been no major occurrences and on the whole their relationship has been nothing short of lovely to watch.

Tyne still asks every day if Noah can sit on his knee (though he now complains after a minute that he's too heavy!), he cuddles and kisses him all of the time, he still gets upset when it's time for Noah to go to bed or for a nap because he misses him.

And Noah is still so intrigued by Tyne - he watches him all the time, he laughs hysterically when Tyne is bouncing around and being silly...he's such a little fanboy!!

They've started to develop their own little relationship habits too - Tyne has always kissed Noah goodnight but for the past few weeks he always says "Night night you!" when he does so, He runs in to Noah's bedroom in the morning and shouts "Morning Noo Noo! Happy to see you!" at the top of his voice and Noah greets him with a big gummy smile and a shriek of delight...

Now that Noah is that bit older Tyne has started to include him in his imagination games too, in these photos Tyne had noticed that Noah had a bear cardigan on and decided they were going to play a game of Goldilocks and the 3 bears - he fed Noah pretend Porridge (he was baby bear and Tyne was Daddy bear!), he jumped into bed and pretended to snore - all the while Noah watched on and giggled along in delight.

I couldn't be more delighted with their relationship so far - it's so crazy to think that next month, in what would be the final installment in their first year of Siblings posts, there'll be another little brother or sister added in to their world.

I can only keep everything crossed and hope that the boys adjust as well to him or her as Tyne and Noah have with each other. 

Time will tell!

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