Sunday, 7 February 2016

Toddler Tried & Tested: Weebles Weebledown Farm Mill & Barn Playset

Weebledown Farm

For those of us of a certain age, Weebles would most likely have been part of your early childhood. 

The lovely egg like characters, homes, and cars for pre-school children who’s catch phrase was ‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’ were an essential toy for tots back in the day. I can still remember some of my Weebles and smile fondly when I think of them.

Well now Weebles are back for a whole new generation and we were lucky enough to be sent a Weebles Weebledown Farm Mill and Barn Playset to review.

This lovely playset comes complete with an exclusive Rusty the Rooster character and boasts a number of features ideal for young children to explore, have fun with and enjoy. 

Weebledown Farm

When the milk churn is pushed, the windmills sails spin. When Rusty is placed on top of the windmill, he can be sent rolling down a slide to the mill wheel that’s mounted on the base. The mill wheel also turns like a round-a-bout with Rusty wobbling all the while. 

Add to these bright colours, chunky characters and the possibility of connecting new sets and you’re looking at some very happy children.

Weebledown Farm

Weebledown Farm

Both Tyne and Noah love playing with their new pal Rusty at his farm house and laugh as he wobbles on his way from one activity to another. 

With new toys, new characters and playsets available to delight over, there’ll be a lot of children eager to enjoy Weebles antics. The Weebles are set to be a favourite from the past becoming a firm favourite of the future. Tyne and Noah already have their eye on some of the fabulous add ons available!

The Weebles-Weebledown Farm Mill and Barn Playset is available from Character Online and is priced at £29.99

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