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What's In My C-Section Hospital Bag?

Whats in my hospital bag c section

It's not long now until I head back to hospital to deliver my third child via scheduled c-section.

C-section births are something I'm pretty used to now after my first two children were delivered in the same way, so I'm pretty well-versed in what exactly I need to take with me for the duration of the hospital stay!

When I went into hospital with my firstborn I took everything but the kitchen sink and ended up coming home with most of it unused - for my second baby I hadn't really learned my lesson much and still way overpacked!

I think I have it a little more under control this time, as the memory of all the unnecessary things I didn't use last time are still in my mind - I have definitely still packed too many of certain items but I prefer to have too many than not enough!

I am hoping to stay in for the full two nights this time to give me maximum recovery time without a 2 year and 11 month old jumping all over me, and to give me some quiet time to hopefully establish breastfeeding - so I've planned enough of everything to last me for two full days and two full nights.

So...what do I have in my hospital bag this time?!

If you'd prefer to watch my Hospital Bag sneak peak in video form please take a look below, if you prefer photos...scroll down!

The bag I am using is the Bystroom Bea changing bag which I reviewed a while ago, it's really big so fits all of babies things in easily - I'm also taking a small suitcase for my own items.

For Mum

I have packed:

4 nighties - loose fitting for maximum comfort, I wanted to find more button down front ones for breastfeeding but could only find one! The rest should be easy to lift though.

A dressing gown - For covering up when walking around the walk, I've chosen a light fabric as I find hospitals quite stuffy

Slippers - for walking to and from the bathroom, I've gone for easy slip on ones as bending down to pull shoes/slippers on will be an issue with the wound

6 Pairs of LARGE, loose fitting knickers - I hate the disposable ones they give you in hospital so I'd rather take my own cheap ones that I don't mind being ruined, these are massive Bridget Jones Style ones that sit waaaaay above the scar, and they're 3 sizes too big so there's no danger of them digging in!!

*Wash bag containing travel toothpaste, travel toothbrush, dry shampoo, mini deodorant, mini shower gel, lip balm, tissues, hand wipes, face wipes, intimate wipes for keeping fresh between showers, anti bacterial hand gel, compact mirror, a hair brush and bobble and hair clip

*Arnica tablets for helping with healing after the operation

*Maternity pads and Breast Pads

And finally, a book to keep me entertained of an evening after visiting hours while baby is (hopefully) asleep! Our hospital doesn't have TV at the beds so I was really bored last time when I couldn't sleep - I'll also be taking my Ipad, Ipod and headphones and my phone and charger but those things will all be going in last minute.

The only other things to add in to my bag are my hospital notes, my make up bag and my camera but they will all be going in last minute as they'll be used between now and then - I also need to decide on a coming home outfit but I will be wearing this to go into hospital too as I'll only have it on for around an hour!

For Baby

*Babies red book, some dummies just incase we want to use them and a pair of scratch mitts

*18 nappies
*Water wipes
*Nappy bags

*6 Plain vests
*5 Plain white sleepsuits
*3 "daytime" onesies 
*1 onesie in a larger size incase baby is bigger than I'm expecting
*4 plain white bibs
*4 Hats

Here's a closer look at some of the onesies and vests:

*Blankets - a plain white cellular and a cream popcorn blanket, I'll also be adding in a muslin blanket for swaddling

Our Umbilical Cord Ties which we're hoping to be able to use instead of the traditional plastic cord clamps

I am also taking this somewhat unusual item along with me as I've had it put aside for a few months now and am really keen to start trying it's called the Whisbear and its not only a super cute little bear but also very functional - it's designed to help baby sleep by playing white noise, which it does all by itself when it detects baby crying!

I think this is going to be invaluable for us as, with two boys here already, our house can be pretty noisy and chaotic - Noah has always needed a white noise bear to get him off to sleep but we have to keep going in and switching it on, which of course can disturb him more - so the fact that the Whisbear does it all for you is incredible...a genius idea!
It may look a bit different but there's a reason for that - 4 legs= more for baby to bite and suck on! They really have thought of everything here.

The bear is very handy as it comes with magnets in its paws to enable you to clip it on to the rails of a cot or side of a crib, or even on to a car seat - so you can take him along wherever you need him!

I'm so excited to see how baby gets on with Whisbear when he or she arrives, and will be reporting back on it then with more details!

And finally - babies coming home outfit which is this super cute little knitted 3 piece spanishwear set in white 

Along with this spanishwear knitted shawl to cover up when we leave the hospital

Jon will be bringing Babies car seat when we're ready to leave so I don't need to worry about taking that along.

So that's just about everything! We don't bother taking snacks as I can't eat until after the surgery anyway and Jon tends to just go to the nearby shops to pick up anything we want, he also carries the loose change for parking and vending machines!

Can you think of anything I've forgotten?! What were your hospital bag essentials?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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