Sunday, 13 March 2016

A letter to my mummy from your firstborn...

Dear Mummy,
I know you've been feeling a bit sad lately since the new baby arrived. I know that you're not getting much sleep, and the days are long and tiring.

I know that you're trying your best to get a new routine going, and to get us all settled into it.
I know that it's hard to adjust to a new little person around, and that you're worried about how I'm adjusting.

I know that most of all Mummy, you feel so guilty about me having to wait for things sometimes...when you have to ask me to wait a while for a snack because the baby needs feeding, when you have to ask me to wait until last to get out of the car because the baby needs to go first.

I saw that look in your eyes Mummy when I asked you for a cuddle and you had to ask me to wait a while because you were feeding the baby...I know it made you sad.

It made me sad too but only for a moment...I'm too little to understand why I have to wait sometimes, and sometimes I cry or scream about it.

But I won't remember it tomorrow. I know you're trying your best.

I know you'd play with me every time I asked if you could. I know you'd never ask me to wait if you didn't have to.

I know you're worried that I might feel pushed out since the new baby arrived...

I know you worry about everything...I know you get upset about how I might feel, and scared that I might feel less loved or less important...but don't worry so much Mummy.

You still tuck me in at night, and kiss me good night. You always give me a cuddle as soon as your arms are free.

When I'm a little older I'll be so happy to have my sibling to grow up with, and I won't remember these times I had to wait a little longer for things. It won't really matter in the end, Mummy.

When you hear us giggle together for the first time, when you see us play together...then you'll realise that these moments of new baby guilt are soon gone and forgotten, and replaced with something special that lasts

I may not remember all the times we had together when it was just us three...I may not remember all those things we did...but it doesn't really matter, because the memories of it may have faded but what it put into my heart will always be there.

Please don't feel so guilty....You try your very best Mummy and that's all you can really do.

Your best is good enough for me.

Lots Of Love,

Your biggest Baby
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