Monday, 28 March 2016

Avoiding Pinterest-Fail with Get The Look


I think all of us have been there.

You see a gorgeous Hedgehog cake design that looks oh-so-simple and think to yourself "I could make that! I'll have a go...." and before you know it, you've created something akin to roadkill that nobody will touch with a bargepole...

Yes I've experienced the Pinterest fail myself many a time (I tried to copy a spiderman jelly just a few days ago infact which looked as though Spiderman had been seriously injured in some kind of chemical attack...), and while it's easy to shrug off when you're dealing with baked goods that can be easily thrown away and forgotten's not so easily rectified if what you're trying to recreate is a specific home décor look.

I have many a Pinterest board dedicated to home décor myself...from beautiful nursery inspiration to gorgeous garden designs, I can really get carried away with pinning beautiful looks from other peoples homes and imagining how they might look in our own.

But the problem with Pinterest is that these images come from all over the world and can even be years old, so it can be nigh on impossible to source the items you're seeing in those images.

I recently discovered the fabulous Get The Look feature from Nabru - this allows you to scroll through beautiful home décor designs and looks, and then shows you which items have been used, where you can buy them and how much they cost - allowing you to actually recreate the look easily and successfully - ideal!

My personal favourite is this gorgeously romantic Urban Elegance look

I just love the soft pastel colours, floral designs and touches of textured fabric dotted around.

A quick glance at Get The Look tells me exactly where to buy everything from that gorgeous faux fur cushion in the image (And it's only £15, bonus!) to the simple and elegant sofa (Nabru themselves).

To take a look at the beautiful looks on offer, and how to recreate them yourself please visit Get The Look at

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