Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Disney's Hundred Acre Wood Map review and giveaway!

If there's one thing I have always been a fan of, it's the whim and wonder of Disney.

I first fell in love with Disney movies when I was around 3 years old and I watched Snow White for the first time, I knew the story already but seeing it brought to life in that beautiful old-fashioned animation style really brought a new element of magic to the tale - I remember so clearly the vibrant shiny red hue of the apple in contrast to the muted pale tones of snow white skin - it's those little touches and attention to detail that I believe have earned Disney their place in the hearts and homes of families the world over for over xx years.

Now I have to admit, somewhat controversially I suppose, that as much as I do adore Disney - I've never been much of a fan of the traditional characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck etc - I don't really know why but for some reason they don't appeal to me quite so much...instead when I think of Disney I think of the more whimsical and poetic characters, the ones with a real air of magic and mystery about them...the ones who are just a bit twee.

One such character who embodies that poetic wonder and classic beauty I so associate with Disney is Winnie The Pooh - I've been a huge fan of the AA Milne tale since my childhood, and I grew to adore the Disney versions of Peter Robin and his pals adventures in Hundred Acre Wood.

Quite often when sharing my photos of the children on social media I will opt to use a Winnie The Pooh quote to accompany them, and this is because to me Winnie The Pooh captures the magic and wonder of childhood so perfectly in its word and it's imagery. 

So, when I was told that Disney had partnered with Google to create an interactive, three dimensional version of Hundred Acre Wood using Google Maps I was intrigued to try it out!

The feature on the Disney website is targeted at parents with young children and offers fun games, stories, videos, and activities themed around the Winnie The Pooh characters.

I've been getting to grips with it over the past few days, and I think it's such an unusual and wonderful idea!

The feature allows you to find out more about the characters (including my personal favourite, Eeyore!), and when you take a virtual stroll around Hundred Acre Wood you can pop into their various homes and do a variety of things.

Winnie's House is themed all around Milestones and this housed one of my favourite features all around giving inspiration for creating a treasure box for your baby - I'm sure most of us keep a box of babies first items to treasure but there were some suggestions on here of things to include which I hadn't thought of myself, and I loved the ideas!

Rabbit's house is all about getting out and about on adventures, and provides tips for creating the perfect picnic, ideas for going on adventure walks with your little ones and more!
Learn with Owl is a lovely section of the site where you can your little ones involved - and here is where I found the section of the site that sold me on it 100% - a playlist of beautiful, Disney-themed lullabies for baby!

Classic Disney tracks such as Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Just A Spoonful Of Sugar and A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes have been transformed into beautiful music-box style lullabies and quite honestly, I had tears in my eyes just listening to them...they are simply gorgeous and I have since been using them with Sailor every evening...I highly recommend checking them out! 

And finally, Kanga's New Mum hangout is an adorable collection of tips, ideas and inspiration for new mums - including everything from tips on how to dress your baby to how to decorate an adorable nursery - I just love the baby name bunting idea!

You can visit the site at http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-baby/winnie-the-pooh/  .... Even if you don't have a baby, if you're a Disney fan you MUST stop by and listen to those beautiful Disney song lullabies!


Our good friends at The Walt Disney Company have provided us with this lovely Winnie The Pooh soft toy to give away as well as

two Winnie The Pooh bibs and 2 pairs of Winnie The Pooh baby socks.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply comment below and tell me the name of your favourite Disney character!

(Competition open to UK residents only, closes 1st April 2016.)

*This is a sponsored post

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