Friday, 11 March 2016

How colour can affect marketing

I read an article online this week which stated that the "sexist" UK high street retailers are charging more for products aimed at females based on the colours used....for example a pack of disposable razors aimed at women can be higher in price simply because they are pink.

I was pretty shocked by this, and it's been on my mind since whilst browsing various toy stores this week for birthday gifts for the boys and I have to say that in most cases I've found it to be true - this evening I compared the prices of a blue kids picnic basket toy compared to the same one in pink and found the pink one was £5 more - how strange!

It's fair to say that colour can certainly help to make a brand more recognisable - would McDonalds have had the same success without the infamous golden arches? We all associate the green polo shirts  with Asda staff don't we? 

But how much does the colour of a product affect buyer behaviour?

Marketing product company 4imprint have created this detailed infographic showing just how much colour choices matter when it comes to successful product amazing 85% of people state that colour is a primary reason in deciding to buy a product.

Take a look below for more interesting facts around colour and marketing...

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