Thursday, 31 March 2016

Me and Mine March and Our Easter Celebrations

This month we went along to a photo shoot with the local photographer that we have used once a year since Tyne was born for family photos.

We usually only have photos done with her at Christmas time, and have only just had some done in December - but I wanted to have some professional photos of Sailor taken while he was newborn, and so I booked a session with her - we didn't plan on having family shots done, the intention was just to get shots of Sailor and maybe some with his brothers on - but we ended up having just a couple of shots with Jon and I in too (although we hadn't dressed for the occasion!) and I'm so glad we did as the photo above has become my new favourite and one that I will definitely be having printed for our family wall!

I just absolutely love the fact that Sailor is actually awake and looking directly into the camera - so unusual for a baby of just 3 weeks old at the time! And I love the fact that it captures me surrounded by all of my gorgeous boys - how lucky am I?!

This last month has been CHAOTIC to say the least - not only have we been getting used to having a 3rd little person around (And quite an unsettled one at that as Sailor is suffering with silent reflux, and isn't the most settled of babies at the moment) but this past week has also seen us celebrate two birthdays as well as Easter!

Last week we headed to my hometown of Liverpool for a few days so that Sailor could meet my extended family members there - it was a busy few days trying to fit everybody in but lovely to catch up with everybody and we even managed a bit of sightseeing too with a trip to the museum!

We got back home to Devon on Good Friday and it's been all go since then, Tyne turned 3 on Saturday and we celebrated with a Superhero themed party at home, the following day was Easter Sunday and we were all feeling pretty worn out so kept it quite low key but we did do an Easter Egg Hunt in the garden for Tyne which he really enjoyed, and we headed out to meet the family at a local hotel where Tyne had a swim with his cousins.

On Easter Monday we headed over to my sisters house for a buffet lunch, and some more egg hunting fun for the children.

This was also when I gave the kids their Easter baskets which they loved!

The kids have been well and truly spoiled rotten with easter eggs and gifts - I don't think I'll need to buy any more chocolate for the rest of the year, and between all of the easter eggs and the birthday gifts I am seriously struggling for space in my house right now - a major spring clear out is needed if only I can find someone to babysit while I get on with it as trying to clear anything out with three children (including one who refuses to be put down!) is just not going to happen, is it?!

Today (31st) is also Noah's 1st birthday - so as you read this we will most likely be in mid-cake smash or in the middle of the tea party I have planned for him to celebrate the day with his cousins - I also spent last night making his birthday cake myself...I'm not exactly Mary Berry so this is a pretty stressful experience for me!!

Although this past month has been EXTREMELY busy it has also been a lot of fun - but I wouldn't mind a quieter April - though with two little blog review holidays planned, and our big cruise holiday coming up in May - I don't see things slowing down around here anytime soon!

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