Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mother Knows Best: Laundry Hacks From My Mum!

When I moved out of my parents house at 25, I was still pretty green behind the ears - I had always had everything done for me at home and never really taken the initiative to learn to do anything for myself.

Sure I knew how to cook basic meals and so on, but I'm ashamed to say that up until the point of moving out...I'd never done a load of laundry by myself, ironed my own clothes, mum was always the kind of Mum who did everything for everybody, she had her own system and she seemed to prefer to be left to get on with things efficiently than have any of us "Help" her as it would only end up slowing her down!

And so...when I moved out...It was a big learning curve for me, trying to figure out the most basic life skills such as using a washing machine for the first time.

My mum came to my rescue of course, and came over to my flat to teach me how everything worked and imparted lots of her own hacks and tips in the process...which I still use to this day!

Today I'm sharing my Top 5 of her Laundry Hacks, things that I find so useful in making the task of laundry seem just that little bit easier and quicker!

1. Have a washing basket in every bedroom - I personally find it so much easier to have a basket in each room as we wash Sailor and Noah's clothes separately due to their baby skin being so sensitive and their clothing being so much more delicate, so having separate baskets means not having to go through one main basket each day and separate everything before washing. It also stops a main basket from piling up too much.

2. Put any particularly delicate items into a fabric bag or pillow case to protect them in the wash...they still come out nice and clean, but you don't need to worry so much about them being damaged!

3. If you tumble dry, put a clean dry towel in with your load and remove it after 15 minutes as the towel will absorb most of the moisture and the clothes will dry quicker!

4. Turning darker coloured fabrics inside out before washing keeps the colour from fading too quickly!

5. Read the labels!!! It sounds so simple but I've lost count of how many times I've assumed I know which temperature to wash something at only to have it shrink - its always worth a quick glance at the labels to make sure your'e washing at the correct temperature!

For more great washing tips from some fantastic bloggers take a look at this great guide put together by the folks at Beko, there are some excellent tips here!

Do you have any laundry hacks to share? I'd love to hear them!

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