Saturday, 5 March 2016

Noah at 11 Months

Dear Noah,
I'm pretty late with this update as you actually turned 11 months a week ago - and I missed your 10 month update completely!! Whoops!!
Things have been very hectic lately as you became a big brother last month! A big brother at only 11 months old (Well, you were 10 and a half months when he arrived!) - how unusual!! But I'm sure you'll be the best big brother ever and i'm sure you two are going to be very close as you get older!!
So what's changed since your 9 month update?

Well quite a lot actually!
I'm not sure if it's the arrival of the new baby that's done it, but you suddenly seem so very grown up - although you look like a little tiny baby still!

The biggest change has been that you are now fully mobile! You started crawling on the day that you turned 10 months old - you'd been getting about by bum shuffling, tummy snaking and crawling backwards for a couple of months beforehand so the crawling hasn't been too big of a change as we were already used to having you scuttling about all over the house - but now that you're going forwards you're getting to places faster and with more intent!

Since the crawling started you have been keen to find other ways to get about too, and have started cruising - you crawl up to me and hold out your hands for me to help you get steady - you then pull yourself up on your feet with ease and proudly bounce about! You like to cruise your way around the furniture now too.
You have also learned to clap hands! I've been trying for months to get you to do this and you never have until a few weeks ago when you suddenly started doing it all by yourself!

Your shouting has become much more frequent too, you're getting very vocal! You love to shout Mama and Dada, and make lots of raspberries!
Your eating is coming on well and you're progressing through to stage 3 weaning nicely.
Your bedtime has moved forward a bit as you were too tired to make it to 7.30 which was your bedtime at 9 months, initially we brought it forward to 7pm but the past few nights you've been going down between 6.30-6.45 and sleeping through until around 8 am - we've just been following your lead with when you seem tired enough for bedtime.

Your favourite things to play with are your wooden ark, any of your brothers toys that you're not supposed to have, your drum and basically anything you come across on the floor that isn't something Mummy wants you to play with!
We're all looking forward to celebrating your 1st birthday at the end of March, I can't believe you're going to be 1! We're planning on having a little tea party for you at home, and doing a cake smash like we did for your big brother - we're all excited to celebrate your big day!
That's all our news for this time!

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xx

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