Sunday, 13 March 2016

Review: The Gorgeous 1 Baby Swaddle

Since Sailor arrived there have been a few products that I have found invaluable and today I want to share one of those with you.
This beautiful baby swaddle by The Gorgeous 1 is ... as the brand suggests...gorgeous!!
Now I realise that the image isn't the most important thing when it comes to baby products, but you really do have to take a moment to just stop and appreciate how truly gorgeous this item is.
It comes in a choice of 3 colours - grey polka dot swaddle with either baby blue or baby pink ribbon, or grey and white chevron swaddle with plain white ribbon. As you can see I chose the latter as I didn't know the sex of the baby, but in all honesty I would have picked this design regardless as I just have a thing for chevrons so this pattern was right up my street!! I think it is absolutely stunning.
Everybody who has seen the swaddle has commented on how beautiful it is, and it makes for some really lovely newborn photographs too!

But what about functionality?
I can't speak for everyone - most mums seem to find it pretty straight forward - but swaddling is something I have always struggled with. I just don't seem to be able to swaddle a baby well enough and the blankets seem to come loose straight away or his little feet are poking out and looking cold!
So this is ideal for reminds me of a sandwhich wrap in how it works, infact I call Sailor my baby burrito when he's in it as that's how he looks all tucked up inside it! simply open it out, pop baby in the middle, fold it over and secure it with the Velcro fastener, and then tie the ribbon around it.
You don't have to even use the ribbon if you don't want to, it just looks pretty but it's not necessary for the functioning of the swaddle at all.

We started using the swaddle as soon as Sailor came home from the hospital, and he slept so soundly in it...he looked so snug and comfortable in it!
Now he's grown a little we've started using a Cocoonababy mattress which the swaddle doesn't work with (You don't need to swaddle in the cocoonababy so it's designed not to be used with anything) and so instead we've started to use it as a blanket.
There is a coconut pad inside the swaddle to help to support baby and keeps the product sturdy, but this can be removed when baby grows so that you can continue to use the swaddle as just a beautiful soft blanket.
I honestly love this gorgeous swaddle, and I would certainly purchase it for myself or for a friend having a baby...I think it would make such a beautiful and unusual new baby gift, certainly one that I would be thrilled to receive.
To take a look or purchase for yourself, please click here to head to the Amazon Marketplace selling page where the swaddle is sold.

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