Monday, 14 March 2016

Sailor & Me: 1 Month Post Partum

I can hardly believe that we're already a whole month in to life with our third child.

In some ways it feels as though the past 4 weeks have zoomed past in a flash, and in other ways it feels like Sailor has never not been here.

He's still super tiny and looks very much like a brand new baby - infact when we were in a supermarket this week an old man came over to see him in the trolley and asked when he was born, when I said he was almost a month old he was quite shocked and said he thought he was only a few days...

I can see how he'd make the mistake as Sailor is still very very sleepy most of the time, and he hasn't done a whole lot of growing - he's still wearing most of his Tiny Baby clothes (he's outgrown a few of them though!), and the rest of the clothes he's wearing are newborn or Up to 1 Month (But those are still really big on him!).

I tried some of his 0-3 month clothes on yesterday but there's no way he can wear them for a while...the legs and arms were hanging waaaay too loose as he's just much too short! I hope he grows into them soon as I have a whole drawer full of cute things I can't wait to try on him!

Sailor is having more awake time though, where he looks around the room for 10-20 minutes or so...unfortunately his awake time is almost exclusively at night, usually as soon as we've put him down for bed for the evening!
He's now wearing size 1 nappies as the micro were getting a bit too snug, but the size 1's are a bit too big so he's easily wee-ing out of them which is a bit of a pain and is resulting in a lot of clothes changes!
We've yet to have a poo explosion though (Actually I've yet to experience one at they really exist?! How am I 3 children in without having experienced one?!) and he is never ever sick, so I guess the occasional wee leak isn't to be complained about!

His hair is getting lighter (And spikier!) all the time, I think he's going to be quite fair...and his eyes are a beautiful shade of blue, I know they could still change for a long time yet but I have a feeling he'll take after Tyne with the blonde hair and blue eyes...he does sometimes have a look of Noah in some photographs but in the flesh he is the image of Tyne, especially Tyne as a baby...they could be twins!

He's still the fussiest of all the kids as a baby so far - he does NOT like to set down at all, and he's not shy about making that known!! He's a very vocal little guy and his cry is just about the LOUDEST thing I've ever heard!! I tend to wear him in the sling a lot as this keeps him calm for ages, if he's not in it then he'll usually have a little meltdown after about 5 minutes of laying in his crib!

We've had lots of windy smiles but nothing resembling real social smiles yet, but I'm very much looking forward to those and I'm determined to be the first one to get them out of him! 

He's still latching on for feeds using nipple shields as we haven't yet had his appointment through for the tongue tie referral...other than that he drinks expressed breast milk from a bottle really well now, so no more cup feeding.

 As for me, I'm now on a second course of antibiotics for the infection I have and I don't really have any answers as to what it is...i'm still having some brown discharge from the urethra which isn't pleasant, The dr has said this could be down to a water infection from the catheter during the c-section or it could be a sign of an internal bleeding perhaps from a stitch going in to the bladder accidentally or a nick during the surgery.

They've referred me to the gynae team at the hospital as they might need to have a look what's going on with the camera if the antibiotics don't clear it up...I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't come to that as that does not sound pleasant!

The scar itself is healing fine although it's still very dark purple, you'd think I'd remember by now how it should look at this stage but I don' had faded completely after the c section with Noah and was barely visible so I really hope it goes back to that this time.

I've lost 1 stone 8 lbs since the birth so far (without dieting), but the weight loss seems to have hit a natural plateau now and so I started on the slimming world eating plan yesterday to try to keep it going. 

I've been having a lot of period pains and bloating lately though, so I'm wondering if I might be getting a period soon...I know that while breast feeding you might not get them but considering how heavy and brutal my menstrual cycle usually is I'll be very surprised if I get away with it! But we'll see!

I am still having very painful back spasms every now and then...usually whenever I sit down....the pain is pretty intense when they come, I'm not sure if its nerve damage from the spinal block or the pregnancy, or a side effect of the infection.

I have also been VERY tired a lot of the time lately, and I'm wondering if my iron levels have dropped or if my thyroid has become overactive as I have been cold a lot too so I'm going to ask them to test the TSH and iron levels at my 6 week check.
Emotionally I'm feeling great...other than the tiredness I'm usually in good spirits, I feel I've bonded with Sailor really well and I'm generally doing pretty good all things considered!

I do have an appointment coming up with the mental health team soon about my panic attacks though which I am pleased about, as my anxiety has been quite high around anything happening to the kids, germs, etc.

So that's how we're getting on after 1 next update will be after the 6 week check!

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