Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Siblings In March

For the past 9 months I've wondered who the third little person in these monthly photo posts would be.
I wondered if it would be a him or a her, what kind of personality they'd be, which brother they'd look most like...
And now, finally, after so much wondering...that little space is filled.

Our perfect little Sailor James Bodhi fills that space more perfectly than I ever could have imagined.
I had a feeling all along that our new arrival would be a boy, and as much as everyone likes to assume when you have two of one sex that you must automatically want the opposite - I have grown to so love being a mum to boys and could so easily picture a third little boy in my mind.

We had his name chosen, and when I tried to imagine a girl slotting in to these photos I just could never get the image in my mind - but when I imagined Sailor, this little character I'd already created in my minds eye, I could see it all so clearly - and so I think this is exactly how it was meant to be.
My perfect little trio of Princes. Our Little Boy Brigade as we refer to them!

With the little two still so very little, it's hard to tell exactly how their relationships will work right now...but I have some ideas from knowing their personalities.
Tyne is full of character - he's outgoing, chatty, inquisitive, interested in everything about the world around him - always questioning, always surprising us with what he knows. He takes his siblings in his stride - each time a new baby has arrived he's amazed us with how quickly and easily he's adapted. He's never shown any jealousy, and for a child so young he has such an interest in babies and a love of them - he's full of affection from the moment he meets them - he was the same way with Noah and Sailor, immediately kissing them and wanting to hold them, telling them he loved them, declaring how cute they were (His first words about Noah were "Soooo cute!" and about Sailor were "He's so adorable!"...which he loves to tell everyone who comes to visit, "This is Sailor, he's adorable!")

 Noah is obviously much too young to really understand what's going on, but he has taken an interest in Sailor...he likes to crawl up to him and poke around as much as we'll allow him to. He has a tendency to try and grab his hair or stick his fingers in Sailors eyes so we obviously have to be pretty careful for Sailor's sake!
When Sailor was a few days old, Noah crawled up while he was being given a formula top up (we were struggling with feeding then) - he seemed to recognise the bottle and immediately leaned forward to grab it - I thought he'd pull it away for himself (Noah has always been bottle fed) but he didn't, he helped me to hold it and then pulled it out of Sailor's mouth to look at it and immediately put it back to Sailor's mouth again - he definitely knew he was feeding the baby which I found pretty amazing for an 11 month old!

He recognises Sailor as "Baba" which he shouts whenever he sees him, and if you ask "Where is the baba?" he looks directly at Sailor. He also likes to stroke his head and say "aaaaah".

The photo below is Noah holding Sailor's hand - he does this whenever they lay close together, which melts my heart!
As for Tyne, he is relishing his big brother role once again - loving spending time with Sailor on his knee, cuddling him, and doing what he can to help look after him.
He is a natural when it comes to being a big brother, and doesn't seem to get bored of babies...I even asked him if he thought Sailor should be our last baby or if we should have any more ..I expected him to say that Sailor should be the last, but nope - he said we should have more! I think we'll be waiting a while on that front though!

 So our first month with 3 little boys under 3 is well under way, and although it's brought plenty of tough moments...seeing the 3 of them start to bond has been such a wonderful time.
I can't wait to see what the year ahead brings as they continue to get to know each other.

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