Monday, 29 February 2016

The benefits of Post Natal massage

Postnatal massage is a wonderful way to help decrease the discomforts of afterbirth and help you relax and feel cared for during this intense time of your mothering journey. 

Postnatal Body Changes

Your body is going through significant changes. During the first few weeks of postpartum, healing has to occur in the site within your uterus where the placenta was attached.

This is an internal scar that slowly heals as your uterus gets smaller. As a result, you may be experiencing mild to severe cramping, or your pelvic floor may be very sore from an episiotomy or tearing.

Afterpains can be very intense and can feel like labor contractions and may last for a few hours to a few days. Afterpains are more intense and last longer if you had other births and they tend to get worse with each child.

They can also be felt more intensely during nursing. As the baby stimulates the breast, oxytocin is released causing uterine contractions. This can be unpleasant, but it is also a sign that your uterus is returning to its pre- pregnancy size. This process can take a couple of months.

Body Healing After Giving Birth

After birth not only your uterus, but your intestinal tract and urinary bladder have to regain their original positioning after being pushed to the side to make room for your growing baby. Your abdominal muscles may now be very relaxed and flaccid, you may feel especially weak and sore when attempting to sit up.

During this time, your breasts can also become enlarged, sore, and sensitive as the milk ducts go into production. Breastfeeding can also occasionally put strain on your back and shoulders .

Massage after giving birth can help with:

1. Back pain
2. Neck and shoulder pain
3. Healing of any scars
4. Headaches
5. Hand and wrist pain
6. Postural dysfunctions
7. Depression
8. Weakness and fatigue
9. Pelvic Alignment
10. Reducing stress

Many practitioners such as ML Chiropractic offer post-natal massage treatments which are well worth looking into following the birth of a child.

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