Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How We Celebrated Tyne's 3rd Birthday

After weeks and weeks of asking everyday whether it was his birthday yet, the day finally rolled around last Saturday - Tyne's 3rd Birthday!

I had originally planned to have a party for him at a local soft play centre like we did last year as it's SO much easier (and probably a lot cheaper!) but because his birthday fell during Easter Weekend it meant that all of the places we would usually use were annoyingly closed from Thursday through to Tuesday - we thought about holding it on a different day but I thought it would confuse him so in the end we decided to just have a little party at home instead.

I asked Tyne for weeks what theme he wanted for your party and got a different answer every day - one day hewanted a Thomas party, the next a Minecraft one - right up to the day before he was telling me he was having a dinosaur party, then a police party - my head was spinning!

But the answer he gave most frequently was a superhero party - so that's what I went with!

On the morning of Tyne's birthday he came BURSTING through into our bedroom, shouting at the top of his voice "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!"

And he pretty much stayed at that level of excitement for the entire day!

We headed downstairs at 7 am where his presents were laid out waiting.....

We bought him a cozy coupe police car and police uniform, as he has been absolutely obsessed with the police in recent weeks!

We also got him a Doctor dress up set and medical bag, a Batman costume, some Incredible Hulk fists, A batmobile, a toy taxi (He'd been asking for one coz his Grandad drives one!), Gotham city jail play set and The Joker figure to go with it, a wooden Pirate ship playset, Lego Duplo Batman set, an Avengers playset, Thomas trackmaster set, and some books.

He spent the morning playing with his gifts, and arresting all of us repeatedly!

That afternoon I made an indoor picnic lunch for Tyne and Noah while I got the party ready for the guests arriving at 3.

Tyne dressed as Spiderman for the party, Noah was Superbaby and Sailor was Bat baby - the 3 of them looked very cute together!

I wore a Supermum t shirt to complete the ensemble!

When the guests arrived Tyne tore into his gifts and was thoroughly spoiled, he got such lovely presents from everybody!

After presents, we played a few games - we started off with pass the parcel, then an Avengers themed version of Pin The Tail, and then we used the Hulk Fists for a game of Hulk Smash where you had to take it in turns to knock down the cardboard wall I'd made!

After the games, we had food - I'd tried to stick with a bit of an American theme to match the Superheroes (Spiderman being a new yorker and all that!) so we had Hot dogs and fries, along the usual fairy cakes, biscuits and popcorn etc!

After the food, we had a couple of surprise guests drop in - Batman and Spiderman themselves!

I had half expected Tyne to be terrified but he did really well!! He gave them hugs and high fives - although when I asked if he wanted them to stay for the party dancing he wasn't too keen and suggested they better head off to fight crime instead!!

A very familiar looking Batman...can you guess his secret identity?! ;)

After a bit of party dancing, it was time for Happy Birthday - and as Tyne so loves being the centre of attention this was right up his street! Infact he enjoyed it so much that we ended up doing it twice!

All in all Tyne really enjoyed his 3rd birthday, and once again he woke up the next day asking if it could be his birthday again!

Personally I found the whole thing exhausting and I can't believe we have another birthday to organise in a few days time when Noah turns 1....eeeek!

 Happy 3rd Birthday Tyne!

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