Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What is my ideal Mothers Day?

Mothers Day is a topic on everybodys minds at the moment (or so it seems from my social feed, anyway!) and there always seem to be lots of debate on what the "Perfect" mothers day gift is or how Mums would love to spend their ideal Mothers Day...

Now personally I don't believe there is such a thing as the perfect gift or perfect day as it very much depends on who you are asking...after all, Mums are women and women usually have very different ideas on what they like! 

Take me and my mother for example...I would ADORE the chance to be whisked off for a spa day to enjoy massages and spend some time relaxing in a therapy room but that would be my own Mums idea of hell as she hates being touched and massage is like a form of torture to her! (strange one!) 

Whereas her ideal would probably be a Downton Abbey boxset (I'd rather stick pins in my eyes...)

And so it's always worth taking posts and suggestions such as these with a very large pinch of salt...but for arguments sake, when Oak Furniture UK recently asked me how I'd like to spend my ideal Mothers got me thinking!

I have only experienced a handful of Mothers Day, as my son is only turning 3 next month...but my very first one was a standout one for me and something that ticked all of my boxes when it comes to perfection!

Jon took Tyne and I out for the day to a local pottery painting cafe, where Tyne and I painted and decorated a lovely little heart decoration together - it's sitting right in front of me on my desk right now and even though it's just a very roughly painted object that sits holding my coffee cup, I love it and every day when I look at it I'm reminded of that very first Mothers Day and how much fun we had there together.

Now, don't get me lovely as that experience was I don't think I'd like to try to recreate this year as taking a very active almost-3 year old, an 11 month old and a squawking newborn to a peaceful cafe with lots and lots of breakable pottery around does NOT seem like a wise idea!

But I do think a day out somewhere with the children would be fun...I'd hate to go out for a Mothers Day meal as I hate going to restaurants on commercial days when they're extra busy and everything is overpriced, but just a simple day out in a seaside town getting some fish and chips and taking in the scenery would be my dependent of course!

And a handmade card especially would be something I'd just love to receive! Children as young as mine don't understand the value of money or buying a gift, but they do understand putting time and effort into making something for somebody and that's why a handmade card would be something I would really treasure.

If you're a Mum yourself, what has been your most memorable Mothers Day so far?

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