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WIN a Tomy Toddler Toys Bundle!

The Competition

We’ve teamed up with TOMY toys to unleash the laughter! 

1 lucky winner will receive a TOMY toddler prize bundle that includes Sort and Pop Spinning Top, Fix and Load Tow Truck and Jumbo's Jamboree.  

Sort and Pop Spinning Top is an octopus that's fun for all.  
Toddlers will love finding a home for each toy – either by learning to match the bright, bold colours, or by trying to match the different shapes to their colourful homes.
 The fun doesn’t stop there. Pressing down on the friendly-faced octopus will set it spinning like a top. As it goes whirling round, the toys will come popping out! 
You never know how many times he’ll spin around before the parts all pop off, so the fun is guaranteed.

Fix and Load Tow Truck is a 3in1 car that’s coming to the rescue and is ready to save the day! 
This colourful duo is a 3-in-1 toy: give the truck a push and it glides along. 
Use the driver to wind up the car, press down on the red button and it will move forward all by itself. Using the flip-down ramp, load the car into position, wind up and push the button, and watch the car and truck move magically along. With no assembly or batteries to worry about, it’s ready to hit the road when you are!

It’s party time whenever the Jumbo Jamboree rolls into town! This clever little elephant on wheels will roll merrily along playing a happy tune, with toddlers following in his wake to get a better look at all his lively colours. But Jumbo has an extra trick up his trunk. Pull him apart into seven pieces and you have an orchestra on your hands! 
His trunk is a trumpet… his matching ears rattle, there are pan pipes, a xylophone and more! Children will love discovering these hidden surprises and experimenting with music and rhythm.
 And when it’s time for the band to move on, there’s a matching game you can play! Parts like the trunk and the ears clip on to
colour-coded connectors, while stripes on the back help line up the remaining parts in the right sequence.

To enter just use the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post!

What We Thought

We were recently sent these toys to try out ourselves which meant that there were 2 very happy little boys in our house that day!

 We were immediately struck by the quality of these toys and the use of primary colours, perfect for preschool children. There's no rough or sharp objects and being chunky, they feel perfect for little hands.

The Fix & Load truck is a 3 in 1 toy, with one part being the tow truck and the other a car it has been sent to rescue. The truck can be pushed along in the same way a traditional toy car would be, whilst the truck driver acts as a wind-up key for the recovered car. By winding the car and pressing a button on the roof, the car will power along all by itself...something Tyne thought was totally 'brilliant and cool' his words to describe the action.

With it's flip down ramp, the car can be 'driven' on to the flatbed of the truck and through clever design, once in place and wound, the car can be used to power the truck itself along. 

Aimed at children aged 2 plus, this was ideal for our toddler, and it's hardly left his side since it's arrival.

Jumbo's Jamboree has been a big hit with both Tyne and Noah alike...Tyne loves playing the instruments, particularly the trumpet trunk and Noah loves to crawl in Jumbos wake as he moves along playing a tune!

The Sort and Pop spinning Octopus is a shape and colour sorting activity toy which has again been a big hit with both of the boys and this is something they really enjoy playing together.Tyne seems determined to help his little brother Noah learn about the shapes and how they fit in to their correspond positions with the Octopus.

Our boys have had tremendous fun with these bright, high quality fun & educational toys!

To win them for yourself, just enter the competition below!

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