Friday, 15 April 2016

Creating Our Calm Space

With three young children life can get hectic and kind of messy....and so can our home!

It's so important to me to keep our bedroom as a bit of a sanctuary - a space for us to relax in, a place  to keep a sense of calm.

The theme in our bedroom is grey & white - I absolutely love this colour combination as I find it so peaceful and relaxing, which is obviously ideal for a bedroom!

I chose the colour scheme after visiting a hypnotherapists home once whose living room was decorated almost entirely in white, they told me this was because the white colour calms and soothes the mind...this stuck with me and I couldn't wait to apply it to my own bedroom...I definitely think it works.

Our walls are currently plain cream but I would really love to invest in some wallpaper for a feature wall at some point this year - I love the idea of personalised wallpaper, Your Walls offer bespoke wall paper for homes and businesses created exactly to your wishes which sounds just perfect to me!!

We obviously have a few bedding sets that we rotate but this Kylie Minogue set is my absolute favourite, I love the silver frill through the center of the duvet and it matches our throw cushion perfectly.

I have a canopy over the bed which we bought from Ikea, and the bed itself is from Ikea too - I love both! We also have a set of lights from Cable & Cotton threaded through the back of the bed which look really pretty when they're lit in the evenings.

I have a stupid amount of clothes, pyjamas, and general possessions so I need a LOT of storage space in my bedroom - these wardrobes were actually left by the previous tenant and they used to be dark wood with cream shutters and they were pretty hideous!

We were going to throw them out but Jon fancied a go at upcycling, so he sanded them and painted them into our white & grey colour scheme and I'm pleased with how they've turned out - we just need to get around to replacing the knobs with clear crystal ones and they'll be finished!

I like to decorate any possible surface with as many trinkets and bits & bobs as possible - as my chest of drawers demonstrates! No free space stays clear for long with me around!

I always struggle to store my jewellery, so I have a few different kinds of jewellery stands and boxes on here too but I like the eclectic look of it!

I don't have a great deal of photographs in the bedroom, but I have had this frame featuring Tyne as a newborn and my two nieces for ages, and I just love it - I really need to get a new frame for the new baby and my nephew's photos now too!

This birth announcement frame is another of my favourite things, and I`m excited to get another one when the new baby comes!

It may seem a little weird but this lightshade is one of my favourite things, it's lived with us at 3 houses now and I just can't part with it - it's so sparkly!

The final thing to mention about my bedroom is that I like to have lots of little bits & pieces dotted around to inject some personality into the room - I love these little quotes and various bits of bric-a-brac - they may not seem like much but they really "make" the room for me!

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