Saturday, 16 April 2016

Decking The Garden

The sun has finally started to peep around the clouds over the past few weeks here in Devon, and we've FINALLY been able to get out and started enjoying the garden a little.

This is fantastic news for my toddler, as there is no place he'd rather be than outside splashing about at his water table or digging in his sand pit - he asks every single day if he can play outside and has been ecstatic to be told "Yes!" recently after a long, rainy winter.

But, even though we gave our garden area a makeover just last Summer, whenever I sit out there now I feel as though it could be so easily improved upon.

I've never been much of an outdoorsy person and I actually hate sitting out in the garden while the kids play - I hate insects and creepy crawlies being about (and our garden seems to attract lots of spiders!) and I just get very easily bored of sitting about - so I've been thinking of how to make our tiny little garden space somewhere enjoyable for the kids and myself.

We don't actually have any grass in our garden, its more of a yard above the garage and we put down some artificial grass last year to make it more "garden" like but I think I'd like to switch that for some decking instead - I've been browsing Arbor Decking recently and I think it's something we're going to seriously consider.

I love the look of painted decking and I would love to do our garden up a bit to a nautical sort of theme, given how close we are to the seaside - I love the trend of having weather proof canvases hung outside and would love to try to recreate a look similar to this:

I also love the idea of having some seating built in to the decking for us grown ups to lounge on whilst the children play.

A good friend of mine, Emma from Summerfield Cottage & Us, recently gave her garden a makeover for the children and I LOVE what she's achieved with it...our garden space is too small for such an amazing slide set unfortunately but I love the idea of creating a dedicated play area like this!

How do you make the most of your outdoor space? Do you have any experience with decking? Is it something you'd recommend?

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