Sunday, 24 April 2016

Delicious Mushroom & Leek Risotto with the @Cuisinart Soupmaker Plus

Now that there are 3 young children in the house our evening "routine" has become less of a routine and more of a daily witching "hour" (or 3)  when the children seem to turn into miniature hellbots and the house descends into utter chaos.

With three children under 4 to feed, bath, and get into bed at a reasonable hour...things get a bit mental quite quickly and so anything that we can do to make life just that teeny bit easier, we're on it!

When I was offered the chance to try out the Cuisinart Soupmaker Plus I wasn't too sure as I have to admit..I'm not the biggest lover of soup and my partner actually refuses to eat it (He lived on it for about 6 months when his jaw was wired, and so can't stomach it since!)...but I had a look at the website and noticed that it doesn't only do soups (Although it does soups very well, I made a delicious roasted red pepper soup with it yesterday!) but it actually also does smoothies and a whole host of other main meals including pasta sauces and... my personal favourite...risottos!

So I agreed to try it out, and I am SO glad that I did!

The soupmaker is sleek, stylish and compact so doesn't overwhelm the kitchen work top as so many kitchen products tend to do.

And oh my goodness, is it nifty!

I've been using it to make soups for my lunch as I'm currently dieting and the amount of  sugar that goes into canned soups is pretty's lovely to be able to make flavourful but healthy soups at home and know exactly what's going in to them!

Tyne has also been enjoying fruit smoothies made using the soup maker, he'd been asking to try smoothies for weeks after seeing Peppa Pig make them on TV and so was delighted to make his own...selecting different fruit combos every time.

But my favourite thing to make in it just has to be risotto! It is SO quick and simple to do, you don't need to stand over it as you usually would...I just pop the ingredients in and pop back every now and then to press "slow stir"...perfect!

It delivers delicious, restaurant quality risotto in 30 minutes and has been an absolute lifesaver when it comes to evening meals in our hectic house!

Noah just LOVES the mushroom and leek risotto!

Take a look at my video below showing the risotto being really is so simple!

The Cuisinart Soupmaker is available here

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