Sunday, 10 April 2016

Disney Baby Range From Mamas & Papas

Dressing Sailor is one of my favourite parts of every day - going through his wardrobe and picking out which of his super cute little outfits he'll wear that day is something I really enjoy, and I have done with every one of my sons.

I know a lot of people say that babies only need plain onesies for the first year or so of life, but I think that's a personal choice and personally? I find it so much choosing little outfits for my little one!

Whenever I have some free time, I usually occupy myself by scrolling through websites and browsing for new clothes - never for myself, but always for the children as it's them that I enjoy dressing these days.

Recently I learned that my love of baby clothing had been combined by the clever folks at Mamas and Papas with my love of something else - Disney!!

I have been an avid Disney fan ever since I can remember - the magic and whimsy is right up my street. But I have to say that I can often be a little picky when it comes to clothing and "character clothing" is something I usually run a mile from - now that my oldest child is 3 he has started to request Star Wars and Superhero clothes for himself and so of course I do let him choose some (even though I hate them!) because I think it's important to let him make his own decisions - but while the clothing they were is my decision I will avoid character clothes like the plague!

I don't know why, but despite being a Disney fan I just can't stand to see big Mickey Mouse faces all over kids clothes - maybe it's because it's something you see so often, I don't know...whatever the reason it's something I'm really not a fan of and I always swore to myself that I would never buy any of it!

So when I learned about this Disney Collaboration at Mamas and Papas...I didn't think for a moment that it would appeal to me.

But lo and behold...

There are no outlandish, OTT Mickey Mouse or Goofey faces to be seen garish colours, no bright and bold text declaring "Be Happy!" or anything equally cheesy...instead the Disney Collection, inspired by the classic Alice In Wonderland, is timeless and elegant.

The 4 piece suit modelled by Sailor in these photos is just stunning quality - comprised of a button down white shirt featuring black sketch images of the Alice In Wonderland characters, a pale blue bow tie,  dark blue corduroy bottoms, and a separate pale grey waistcoat with timepiece detailing on the pocket - it really is a beautiful little outfit for a special occasion.

The collection also features some super cute all in one rompers for less formal occasions - these two are particular favourites of mine, I just love the dicky bows and the accompanying hats!

The girls collection is also stunning, this pretty little Peter Pan collar top with scalloped detailing is so pretty!

The collection is beautiful, and other boy mums will know that it's rare to be able to say that the boys items actually compete with the girls and offer just as much (if not more!) choice but I can truly say that on this occasion.

To take a look at the range yourself, please visit Mamas and Papas

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