Thursday, 7 April 2016

Finding New Ways To Relax

As a very busy mum of 3 boys aged 3 and under, and somebody who suffers with anxiety - I could certainly do with dedicating more time to relaxing.

My hobbies tend to consist of writing and watching tv, perhaps reading the occasional book but recently I've been thinking that taking up a relaxing hobby might be useful to me.

Here are some of the ideas I've been mulling over.


I remember back when I was 10, my lovely nan tried to teach me how to knit - I wasn't very good at it but I enjoyed it nonetheless, but I never did dedicate any more time to the craft and have since completely forgotten everything she taught me.

Lately though I've been seeing some truly stunning creations that friends of mine have made by crocheting - blankets & scarves in all sorts of beautiful patterns- and I have been thinking that it's something I'd love to learn.

The idea of sitting there calmly and quietly making something beautiful appeals to me a great deal, but I'm not entirely sure if I have the patience for it?


I think it's fair to say that all of us have our talents and our weaknesses. Ask me to write you a story, I'm on it! Ask me to come up with ways to entertain your child for the day, sorted! 

But ask me to do ANYTHING at all to make a garden look nicer...I'm lost! Greenfingered I most certainly am not.

At our home, there really isn't a garden to speak of. There are some steps down from our kitchen which lead to a patio area, and further steps leading down to the garage - there's a fenced off area of bushes next to those steps but that's pretty much it.

However, friends of mine have recently really got into gardening and I have to say that it really appeals to me - it looks as though it would be very relaxing, spending all that time outdoors can only be good for you surely and I wonder how much truth there is in the suggestion that spending time around nature can ease anxieties.

I would really love to have a go at gardening myself - unfortunately we don't have a real garden at our home, it's all artificial grass and paving, so I'd probably need to look into buying greenhouses in order to grow anything but it's certainly something to think about!


I've tried yoga classes before but I never really feel comfortable, as even the beginner classes are too advanced for me! 

But I have been thinking that it might be good to invest in a DVD to follow at home, as I've heard that it can be really beneficial to people who suffer with anxiety.

What activities and hobbies do you find most relaxing? I'd love to hear from you!

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