Sunday, 10 April 2016

Maxi Cosi 2Way Pearl

We were recently given the chance to review the Maxi-Cosi 2Way Pearl toddler car seat.

With Noah having turned 1 in March we really wanted to get him a new car seat. Naturally safety was our primary concern, and as we do a lot of travelling comfort was also high on our check list. An uncomfortable toddler on a long journey is no picnic for the other passengers and it can't be very nice for the little one either!

We'd been looking through the lists of manufacturers and brands with many boasting how great their seats were. After checking technical specs and colour schemes, we had become almost blinded with a saturation of information and choice.

One brand and style however really did stand out for us and ticked all our boxes.

Maxi-Cosi have long enjoyed a great reputation for safe, stylish and comfortable car seats for your little one and the 2Way Pearl is certainly no exception to this solid ethos.

The rearward to forward adjustable 2Way Pearl offers cutting edge safety and complies with i-Size(R129). For those of you that didn't know (and we didn't until we did our homework) i-Size is the latest European safety regulation for rear facing car seats that are used by children upto 15 months. Having come in to effect in 2013, the regulation provides extra protection for children up to 15 months in rear facing car seats, the previous and current regulation provides protection only up to 12 months.

Any child car seats that comply with the new i-Size regulation offer up to twice the protection of regular cars seats. For example, thanks to longer rear facing travel better head and neck protection for toddlers is offered. Not only that, but thanks to i-Size, better side impact protection is offered due to the minimum criteria laid down in the i-Size regulations.

The latest regulatory guidelines, which are set to become law in the UK in the very near future, state that children up to 15 months old must be seated in a rear facing car seat. The 2Way Pearl is part of the latest Rearward and Forward facing car seats family and thanks to the ingenious design the 2Way Pearl can be changed to a forward facing position with the flick of a switch and can be used for a child up to 4 years old!

The ISOFIX base for the seat is very easy to install. The safe and simple ISOFIX design means you click the two adjustable arm clasps from the base onto the rear seats rod beneath the back rest, and adjust the front bar to the correct height and thats it installed in minutes.

The sensor box on the base will beep to confirm whether it is correctly fitted, and if so the small LED light with show green. If not fitted correctly the sensor will beep continuously and a red light will show. The seat can now be clicked in to position and once in place is very stable. Not only this but the base is also compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble travel system for babies. No we're not planning on any more children quite just yet!

The seat itself features a fully adjustable headrest and easy in harness. This means the harness stays open when not in use and does not tangle or snare. You can get your little one in or out in seconds without fiddling with twisted straps, just what you need on a rainy day when leaning in to get them in or out! The headrest is adjusted by simply pulling on a small switch and is smooth and easy to use.

Our 2Way Pearl also features 4 adjustable positions. From sitting straight, up to reclining for sleeping, ideal for those long journeys, all operated by a simple switch located on the seat. Also coming fitted with a removable machine washable cover is a Godsend as it mean you can keep it hygienic and clean even if your little one does make a bit of a mess whilst travelling.

The seat we received is in Maxi-Cosi's Black Raven design and the cushioning is so snug Noah looks very happy and comfortable when seated in it! The seat is also available in Robin Red and Sparkling Grey to name some of the colour schemes available and is priced from £210.00

Noah loves his new seat and so do we! When traveling he more often than not soon drifts off in to a lovely sleep and thats got to be a sign of comfort and support for any tiny tot.

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