Saturday, 30 April 2016

Me & Mine in April: UTTER FAIL!

Well, how's that for a blurry photograph?!

Would you believe that was the absolute best we could manage this month, after THREE attempts to get a family photo!?

Let me explain.

This month has been CHAOTIC to say the least - you always think the first few weeks of a new babies arrival are going to be the most hectic but I actually find that for me personally that's not true - new babies tend to just eat and sleep, and that's pretty much it so sleepless nights aside - they slot in pretty easily to family life on the whole.

But fast forward just a couple of months and that's when the REAL fun begins - they're more alert, they're developing their own little personality and no longer are they asleep all day long and content to just go with the flow - oh no! Now they are becoming their own little character and they're learning what they like and don't like...and how to express that!

So gone are the days of Sailor just slotting pretty effortlessly in to whatever our plans happened to be, and instead we find ourselves slap bang in the middle of Life With Two Babies & A Toddler.

You think one baby is hard when it comes to getting yourself organised enough to leave the house, time it around nap time and feed times etc....try it with two! It is a whole new ball game!

I have some posts written about how we've been getting on the past two months dealing with life with a 2 month old, a 12 month old and a 3 year old so I won't bang on about it too much now - but let's just say that attempts to go on nice days out and manage to actually find the time to take the camera out, set it up and snap some photos is a MISSION and a half when you have two babies to look after!

You can gurantee that the second you try it - someone will start to cry, decide they're hungry, try to fling themselves off something - basically something will happen to demand your attention, and it will take four times as long as usual to set the camera up.

Then when it comes to actually getting the shot - well, good luck! Getting one baby in the mood for photos and capturing a shot where they're looking somewhere in the vague direction of the lens is task enough - but with two babies in the shot AND a toddler who never wants to stand still for longer than 3 seconds - no chance!

Our first attempt this month at our family photo was on the beach - we'd had a nice day, Noah was enjoying eating the sand as usual and it was Sailor's first seaside trip - I kept him away from the sand but he liked sitting on my knee and looking at the sea.

I took the opportunity to get my camera out, we hadn't been able to bring the tripod along because we already had way too much stuff with us, so I balanced the camera on some steps and we posed for the photo - I knew that another families kids had rendered most of the shots useless as they were running back and forward between us and the camera, but as soon as the self timer was done snapping Tyne had already had enough and Sailor had started to cry for a feed - so there was no time for do-overs.

Straight after that, Tyne kicked his ball into the sea and sobbed buckets when Jon couldn't get it back and it floated off towards the moment was well and truly gone!

I had to hope I could salvage a photo from the few we'd taken but when I got home and looked at them, they looked like this...

Whoops! Apparently in the chaos, I'd forgotten to switch the camera to Auto Focus!

So we tried again on another day out, and managed to get some fairly decent shots all things considered - result! - but one morning, bleary eyed from a night of baby feeding, I cleared the files on my camera to make some room as we were heading out for the day and I knew it was almost full - and then realised I hadn't uploaded the family photos! So whoops...those are gone forever! (I definitely swore a lot when that happened...)

And so that brought us to today, the day my monthly Me & Mine post is supposed to go up and lo and photographs!

We were heading out for the day but again, with two babies, three car seats and two prams to take out with us on top of a gazillion nappies, wipes and snacks - there's just no room for the tripod! And so there was nowhere we could find to set the camera up for a shot!

Instead, we plonked ourselves down on the wall in our front yard when we got home from our day out - all of us tired and hungry - and snapped a few last minute photos before dinner and bedtime.

And when I come to upload them, what do I find?

Oh yes....I forgot to switch the camera to auto focus AGAIN!

I blame trying to keep a toddler and a 12 month old sitting in one place, whilst holding a baby and trying to adjust the settings on a camera before everyone has had enough! Or it could just be baby brain.....

So once again, we have blurry photos.

But the kids are all in bed now, and I've definitely had ENOUGH of trying to get a family photo for one let's just accept the blurry rubbish photos as a reminder of the Month That Life Went is what it is!

This is pretty much how life looks through our tired eyes at the moment anyway! ;)

To see what we've been up to in video form this month, have a little look of our short Monthly Montage video below:

The Me and Mine Project

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