Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Noah at 1 Year Old

Dear Noah,

Well...just like that, you are 1 year old.

I can hardly believe it - I'm looking back over your baby watch updates and the first one at 2 weeks old seriously feels like just a few months ago at most.

The year has gone by in an absolute flash - I used to think that the time with your big brother went quickly, but not compared to how quickly it's gone with you - when I think back to Tyne's baby days I remember so much of it so very clearly, but for some reason I don't recall much of your early days in a lot of detail and that makes me a bit sad - I wondered if maybe it's because I was pregnant again when you were only 6 weeks old and so I spent so much of your babyhood feeling rubbish with morning sickness, exhausted from third baby pregnancy or just always so busy with ante natal appointments etc - but from speaking to other mums it seems that this is quite common, and just one of those things with a second baby. 

It makes me really glad that we have so many photos and that we've been filming our monthly montage youtube videos, because I at least have lots of memories of you captured on film to keep forever - so even if your babyhood did zoom by me in a way I wasn't expecting, I have some of it to keep forever.

Your Personality

Noah, you are quite the little character Noah - everybody comments on it! You're very different from your brother in a lot of ways as he loves to the centre of attention but you seem to be much more content hanging back in the wings a little - when we celebrated your birthday you cried when we sung happy birthday to you, and you weren't keen on present opening at first - you don't like a lot of fuss and you are going through a phase of being unsure of people you don't know too well - you give them "the frown"...the frown really makes me laugh as you look so very serious! You lower your brow and really give people evil eyes, and you do it to most people you meet at the moment!

But when you're around people you know, you are just the opposite - you're so smiley and cheeky, and you love getting into mischief!

We call you Danger Baby as you never seem to want to play with toys, instead you seek out things you shouldn't like to help yourself to my candles, try to pull out any wires you can find and so on! You LOVE to wind your brother up by basically throwing yourself on top of him and laughing your head off...You are always bouncing up and down, and squealing loudly too...full of mischief!

You are also so affectionate and you lean in and give us all kisses and cuddles without us even asking. You love to come over to see your baby brother, stroke him and say "aaaah baba".

You also love music and to dance!

Eating & Sleeping

Your eating now is great, you eat the same meals as Tyne but just have them cut up smaller - you usually feed yourself though we do help if its something difficult, but you have finger food at each mealtime and enjoy it. You also try to spoon feed yourself yogurts and do a pretty good job!

You feed yourself water from your sippy cup now, too - you've dropped all bottles apart from at bedtime, when you still have a 9oz warm bottle.

Your favourite foods are egg, macaroni cheese, fishfingers, and tonight you had salmon which you really enjoyed. You also love banana, blueberries, raisins, custard and yogurts.

Your sleeping is still great - you've always been such a good sleeper, which we're really thankful for after your brother basically refusing sleep until he turned 2!

You go to bed at 6.30 every evening, and you sleep through until around 7 am - sometimes you do stir in the night but usually if we put your lullabies back on, you fall back off to sleep quickly.

You have one nap of a day, after lunch when you usually sleep for anywhere between 1 and a half to 3 hours.

What You Can Do

You seem to have come on so much in the past few months and you are constantly surprising me with what you do now!

Your speech has been the biggest area of development lately, and I'm amazed by how many things you say - we always thought Tyne was an early speaker but I don't remember him saying words as early as you are.

So far you say:

"Baba" (for Sailor)
"Bye Bye" accompanied by waving your hand
"Did it" when you do something you're particularly proud of...usually accompanied by clapping your hands for yourself!
"Hello" and "Hiya" say Hiya when someone comes in to the room and you say it super clearly, you say "Hello" when you're playing with a phone!
"Boon"...this is what you call balloons...and as our living room is currently full of them from your birthday, you point up at them and shout "Boon!" at random!

You also love to dance whenever music plays, you clap whenever anyone on TV claps for anything so if we watch anything with an audience you sit there clapping along, you make a clicking sound with your tongue when we ask you to call the birdies, you point at the light when we ask where it is, and you shake your head to say "No" when you don't want something.

You're crawling at lightning speed, standing up unaided for a few seconds at a time, cruising with confidence around the furniture and walking holding our hands - I keep meaning to bring up the walker from the cellar for you to try out as I don't think it will be too long before you're walking...and I really need to buy you some cruisers too!

That's all of our news for are the loveliest little baby Noah and seem more like a little boy every day!

I can't wait to see how much you've changed in your next update at 18 months but I do hope that times slows down a bit!!

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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