Saturday, 9 April 2016

Review: Whisbear - The Humming Bear

Over the past 2 months since his arrival, little Sailor has been going to sleep each night with a little companion by his side in the form of the "Whisbear".

This cute little guy may look like just another inconspicuous little cuddly friend, but he is so much than that.

The Whisbear is basically a Mum's best friend when it comes to helping baby to sleep and settle - it comes with a Sushing white noise device inside which operates for a period of 40 minutes before gently fading out. Amazingly, the white noise device has a special CRYsensor function which picks up the sound of your babies cry should he wake and automatically starts up the white noise again for a further 20 minutes.

My middle child, Noah, has always used the lullaby function on his baby monitor to fall asleep and if ever he rouses in the night we simply put the lullabies back on and he always drops back off again straight away - but we have to stop whatever we're doing and go from wherever we are in the house to activate the lullabies again - so I know that the self-start CRYsensor is going to be an absolute god send when Sailor is old enough to sleep upstairs on his own.

Sailor is still quite young and toys are a little beyond him at this stage, but I have noticed that he seems to be drawn to the patterns on Whisbear's legs - each leg features a different fabric design but the black and white ones really catch his attention and have even drawn a few of his early smiles, so I think the signs are good that he'll form quite the friendship with his humming bear pal!

We are so impressed with the quality and function of Whisbear, and have already come to depend on it to help ease Sailor into a sound sleep each night - I know from previous experience with the boys that continuity is key to establishing a successful sleep pattern and so Whisbear is going to be sticking around and helping us for a long time yet.

If you're looking for a baby shower or new baby gift, the Whisbear would be a perfect choice - something unusual but oh so helpful for babies parents, much more welcome than yet another baby outfit! 

Whisbear is available HERE priced at £39.90

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