Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sailor At 2 Months

Dear Sailor...

Well here we are already - you are a whole 2 months old.

I can't quite believe we're already here, as you still seem like a newborn baby in every way to me.

It probably helps that you're still so very tiny - you're still wearing your newborn baby suits and vests, infact your newborn onesies still have lots of room in them before you fill them out - you can get away with wearing some of your 0-3 month clothes now although they still seem a bit too loose, but most of them are still sitting in the drawers waiting for you to grow into them. You're in size 1 nappies at the moment.

The Health Visitor came to see you last week, and you were weighing on the 25th centile but measuring 90th centile for your height - it seems like you might be a bit taller than your brothers!

You are sleeping much better of a night now, and generally sleep soundly from around 10pm until around 4 am when you wake for a feed - so really pretty great for such a young baby! I wouldn't quite call it sleeping through yet - I won't call it that until you're sleeping until around 6ish (preferably later but I know 6 is morning to some people!! We were very lucky with your lazy brothers that they never woke for the day before 7.30!)

Admittedly we still don't set you down in your upstairs cot at 10pm when you fall into a deep sleep, so you get moved upstairs with us when we go to bed which obviously disturbs you - but I'm just not ready to put you down upstairs without us yet, perhaps we'll try that in a few weeks time.

You have been quite poorly lately, you picked up a nasty cold about 10 days ago which is still lingering - you're very bunged up and snuffly, which is making it hard for you to sleep but thankfully you're still feeding very well and are quite a hungry boy! You seem to want to feed most of the time at the moment, at least whenever you're awake.

You have also had a really nasty cough, which makes you shout out - it really seems to be bothering you and we've taken you to the Dr twice (once on the recommendation of the health visitor who wasn't happy about it, even though the Dr had already seen you the day before) but they insist your chest is clear and it will clear up on its own.

You have also developed infantile eczema on your cheeks, you can't see it but they feel very rough so we've been using zerocream which seems to have helped quite a lot.

We've finally started to get some smiles out of you in the last couple of weeks, and you're giving them more frequently now - your personality is finally starting to show which is something I always look forward to.

You love being cuddled, and are very reluctant to ever be set down for any period of time - but sadly you seem to have taken a dislike to your sling and won't settle in it anymore, which makes me sad as I loved using it. I'm thinking about perhaps trying another kind as they make Mummys life much easier!!!

You aren't a fan of laying down flat and so don't really like your crib at all, you prefer to lay on the sofa using the nursing pillow to prop you up a bit - you are still suffering with silent reflux and so I'm sure this is why, and that's fine with us, we're happy to accommodate you!

Your brothers are very loving and gentle with you, Tyne loves to cuddle you whenever he gets the chance and Noah has even started to become more gentle and give you kisses without being prompted - he loves to stroke your hair and say "aaaah" and also seems to love trying to stick his finger in your mouth! You don't seem to mind too much but we do try our best to keep him from doing it!

You unfortunately don't seem to be too keen on how much noise they make though, and we've noticed you're a lot more happy and settled once they're in bed and it's all quiet - I'm sorry about that, it is a very noisy house I'm'll get used it and will soon be contributing to the noise and chaos along with your brothers, I'm sure!

You've settled in so well and it's already hard to remember what life was like before you were part of the family, our lovely little "Sailor Moon" (My nickname for you, which the entire family has now adopted!!)

Lots Of Love,


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