Friday, 15 April 2016

Siblings in April

I have quite a mish-mash of photos to use for this months siblings post, I guess when theres a new baby around the camera is always out and so I've ended up with plenty to choose from - but the one above is my favourite!

It just has me in stitches every time I look at it - it actually looks like little Superhero Noah is flying, don't you think?!

I dressed my little trio up as superheroes for Tyne's superhero themed 3rd birthday party last weekend - Tyne was Spiderman, Noah was Superman and Sailor was Batman - they looked adorable together!

 When I first found out I was going to be a boy mum, I distinctly remember saying that I'd never dress my children in character clothing or encourage them to get into the whole Superhero thing - I have stuck to the character clothing thing for their everyday wardrobes (I know I won't escape it forever and they'll start insisting on having it when they get older, but for now I just hate Disney or cartoon character clothes so I avoid it completely!) but I just had to indulge them in superhero costumes on this occasion....and I was so surprised by how cute I found it!

Infact I find Tyne's whole superhero obsession really cute - there's just something so sweet about wanting to save the world and fight the bad guys, it melts my heart!

 So how have the boys been getting on this month?

Well I think it shows in the photographs now how much Tyne and Noah enjoy each others company. They spend all of their time together making each other laugh, they LOVE to play rough and tumble and are always rolling around the living room floor together - it actually scares me sometimes as I`m convinced they'll end up in tears but they never do...always fits of giggles!

Noah is developing such a personality nowthat he's 1 and Tyne is so excited by how grown up he's becoming - he can interact and play with him so much more, and Tyne just loves that.

They sit next to each other in the car and face each other as Tyne is forward facing and Noah is rear facing, so they sit and blow raspberries at each other and giggle throughout all of our car journeys - yesterday they sat there holding hands throughout which I thought was just adorable!

 As for how Sailor fits in to the picture, he's still only 2 months old so he's very much on the periphery of the boys existence at the moment - always there but never directly involved, obviously.

Throughout the day neither of them interact with him a great deal, but Noah is still curious about him and will come over to have a look and try to have a poke at him every now and then -  he HATES it when Sailor cries...usually ending up in tears himself! But in the past week he has started to show real affection toward Sailor, which I find amazing for a child his age! He has started to lean in and give Sailor kisses on the cheek without any prompting from us, he strokes Sailor's hair and says "aaaah", and he loves to stick his finger into Sailor's mouth for some reason - we do try and intervene with that of course!!

Tyne only really bothers with Sailor of an evening when Noah has gone to bed, when he'll come over and ask if Sailor can sit on his knee for a cuddle, and then he'll kiss him and say "I love you Sailor"...he loves to sing him lullabies and loves to help me to bath Sailor too, always saying "He's so adorable!"

I'm looking forward to seeing how Sailor starts to slot in more to the boys relationship as he gets older over the coming months, and really interested to see how he and Noah start to bond considering how close in age they are!

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