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Top 5 Beauty Products For The Busy Mum

Motherhood isn't the most glamorous of callings. As rewarding as being a mom can be, we all know that reducing the extensive beauty regimens of our child-free days are just one of the many sacrifices we've made for our little ones. Of course, the inner goddess part of you still wants to look amazing 24/7, but what mother has the time? Here's the good news — you don't need to spend much time at all on your look when you have the right products. That's why we've selected the top five beauty products for all you busy moms out there.

The Ultimate Time-Saver: Dry Shampoo

Mornings with kids tend to be a hectic whirlwind of backpacks, breakfasts, carpools, and lunch-packing. How many mornings have you awakened with every intention to wash your hair that day only to have a crisis pop up? Rather than hoping the greasy grunge look comes back in style sometime soon, try working a dry shampoo through your hair. You can get it in aerosol or powder form. You kill so many birds with this stone — the dry shampoo will soak up oil, save you time, help prevent over-washing, and add a fresh scent to your locks. 

Multi-Task with Tinted Moisturizer

Remember before kids when you'd cleanse and moisturize your skin every morning then apply a base, a foundation, a powder, and maybe even a bronzer? Now, we're guessing you feel lucky to have the time to brush your teeth before you rush out the door. You should still moisturize your skin while you shower, then apply makeup when you have a little more time.
But you don't need an elaborate makeup ritual to look put together; you just have to know how to multi-task with your products. Try a tinted moisturizer to combine the benefits of a foundation and moisturizer in one. You'll get a smooth, hydrated finish from a product that's easy to apply and very portable for those days when you have to do your face in the rearview mirror of the minivan!

Hydration Products

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An easy way to get around having to spend so much time on your makeup is to minimize the need for makeup in the first place. Well-hydrated skin shows fewer fine lines and wrinkles, appears firmer, and has that fresh glow we all want.
In addition to moisturizing once or twice daily, consider adding a few intensive hydration creams, gels, or sprays to your regimen. We've seen the best results from Amway's new Artistry Hydra-V collection, which offers everything from hydrating eye gels to cleansers and toners. Using these products consistently will give your skin that unmistakable healthy glow.

Mascara Wands Do All the Heavy Lifting (and Curling)

Curled lashes are wonderful, but moms know those few minutes spent curling are precious and probably better spent elsewhere. In keeping with our beauty multi-tasking theme, we have a solution that eliminates the need to curl before you apply mascara: the right wand. Some mascaras come with a special wand that lifts and curls your eyelashes as you apply, saving you much-needed time. Plus, to a kid, an eyelash curler probably looks like some kind of strange torture device. We say put it away!

Fake a Well-Rested Look with White Eyeliner

Sleep deprivation is as much a part of motherhood as diapers, crayons, and bedtime stories. Getting a natural well-rested look might not be in the cards for a few more years, but you can fake it until then. Strategically placed white or light pink eyeliner can do wonders for tired, dull-looking, and weary mom eyes.
Lightly line — the key word is "lightly"; you want to be subtle — the inner corners of your eyes to look more awake than you have in years. If you want to look even more refreshed, brush a little shimmery white eye shadow above the inner corners of your eyes and the area along the bridge of your nose. Hello, bright eyes!

The beauty of motherhood doesn't always translate into how we look every day. These five practical, time-saving products will help you look as wonderful as being a mom makes you feel.

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