Wednesday, 13 April 2016

#WickedWednesdays - Cake Smash Fail!

When you have little ones, it goes without saying that along with all the giggles and fun times you also experience your fair share of tears and tantrums...

Now that my oldest boy is 3, we're starting to experience the tantrums on quite a regular basis (Not a fan so far, I have to say!) but this week we experienced quite an epic little meltdown in a very unexpected form...

It was Noah's 1st birthday and we had decided to treat him to a cake smash, just as we had done for his big brothers 1st birthday.

Tyne absolutely loved the cake smash that we did for him when he turned 1...we did it at home, all very simple...just a sheet on the floor, some cute clothes and a big old cake...and we let him go at it while we took photos! Simple, and we ended up with super cute photos and priceless memories of how much he loved getting stuck into that cake...why would we not want to do it all over again with Noah?!

Well...this whole experience served as a big reminder that although your children are siblings, they are not the same person...infact my two could not be more different personalities and this experience just showed it all the more!

We set the scene up - all in the comfort of our living room...made sure the room was nice and warm, put a sheet down on the floor and a backdrop on the sofa behind him, sat him in front of a giant chocolate cupcake, all for him....and waited with camera in hand.

He poked at it a little bit at first...

and then....

he decided that he is NOT A CAKE PERSON!

We tried to encourage him to try it, but he seemed to just absolutely hate the texture of it on his fingers and when he got some on his foot...well, that was the end of it....he pointed at it and SCREAMED as if to say "WHAT is this and WHY aren't you cleaning it off me right now?!"

Yep...apparently Noah does not appreciate getting a bit mucky! Even when it's in chocolate cake!

Tyne soon stepped in to try to encourage him along, even feeding him a bit of the cake...and although he soon calmed down with his big brother by his side, he was adamant that there would be no cake consumption happening!

So of course, Tyne had to save the day and eat some himself!! (Don't worry, he got bored after a few bites so there was lots left for Daddy and I to's a tough job but someones got to do it!)

So...I guess that'll teach me! How dare I try to give my child a whole big chocolate cake for his birthday?!


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