Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Creating Personalised Baby Clothes

As with all children mine seem to be growing so fast, both physically and in terms of personality, developing their own likes and dislikes, so I thought it would be fun to create a few little personal things for them. I stumbled upon Spreadshirt, which lets you personalise loads of different products, mostly stuff you can wear, such as t shirts and hoodies, and what I was interested in, baby clothes, plus a few other bits and bobs too. What I wanted to do was to gets the kids some personalised clothes for the summer.

I started by creating something for Tyne, deciding that trains were the most suitable as he’s very keen on them, and a t shirt would be great for the summer. Deciding against creating a design of mine, I went for selecting something from the ones they have already, there was plenty of choice, and I settled for a simple design with three trains, before adding his name to the shirt.

Next up was Noah, and for him I chose to decorate a baby body with a car theme, as he’s already keen on cars. There wasn’t as much choice, here, and I was tempted to try my hand at designing my own, but eventually settled on a similar design to Tyne’s, only with cars. And to make it personal I again added his name to it.

Lastly, was Sailor, as he’s still too small to able to say what he likes and doesn’t, I thought I’d try out my logo on a bib for him. I can come back once he’s a little bigger, and knows exactly what he likes. But for now he’ll have to be happy advertising my blog.

Overall the process was pretty straight forward, and if you had lots of time and wanted to create design from scratch you can do that, but as a first go I’m excited about seeing the results when they arrive.
Of course there are lots of other ways to create little reminders and mementos; from photo books to plaster casts of their hand and feet, and little chains for the dummies to personalised story books where your little one is the main character.

Have you got any ideas or experiences creating a special baby product? Either for your own kids or as a present? If so I’d love to read about them.

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