Saturday, 14 May 2016

Fix Up, Look Sharp - Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

Fathers Day is just over a month away, on June 19th and this year I have to sort out some gifts on behalf of three little people for their beloved Daddy!

As much as Tyne's suggestion of buying him a "Robber costume so I can arrest him" is very cute (and a possibility!), I think we'll need to pull something a bit more impressive out of the bag than that after he spoiled me with some lovely Elemis treats on Mothers Day...

One thing I have noticed is that Jon's wardrobe is in dire need of updating - I don't think he's bought anything new since before Tyne was born 3 years ago, and some of his clothes are starting to show their age!

With that in mind, I've been browsing the Fathers Day Gifts Collection at House Of Fraser and I've put together a little mood board of items that I think would be perfect!

The Ralph Lauren shirt is so lovely and bright for the summer days that we (hopefully!) have ahead, sand coloured chinos are a wardrobe staple for Jon but his current pair have a rip in them courtesy of the kid making him crawl around to give them "Daddy Donkey" rides and a new cologne such as this Jo Malone one would always be welcome.

Jon also has quite a thing for watches, and I think the opportunity to buy a really flash looking Armani Exchange watch for under £150 is too good to pass up!

Fathers day

To see more of the great Fathers Day items on offer, visit House Of Fraser.

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