Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me & Mine in May


After last month's utter fail of a Me & Mine month, I was DETERMINED not to be short changed in the family photo stakes this month .

So knowing that May was shaping up to be a very busy month with us going away on our cruise holiday halfway through it (and Sailor not going along with us due to not being old enough to cruise, so knowing we wouldn't be getting any complete family shots during the holiday!) - I made it my mission to take the camera along with us on the first few outings we had during the month.

One Saturday afternoon on a nice sunny day, we headed to a park in the next town over from us and so I made the effort to lug the camera and tripod along with us - not the easiest thing to do as getting two babies, a toddler who is constantly trying to run away, and a overflowing changing bag safely anywhere isn't easy but after balancing the tripod in the pram base we just about managed it.

Luckily the park was quiet so we were able to dump the pram and our stuff, and just set the tripod up wherever while we got some shots!

Because there were a few different options of places in the park to get the photo, we've actually ended up with the opposite problem to last month and instead of having nothing but a couple of very blurry photos to choose from - we actually have too many photos that I really like so it's hard to narrow down which to use!

I always set the camera up to snap 10 images at once, in the hope that one of the batch will capture everybody looking somewhere in it's general direction - and this time I was fortunate in that I ended up with lots of keepers!

One day I hope to get my act together in this whole "Mum of 3" thing enough to manage to get some lovely photos of all of us in nice co-ordinated outfits, looking polished and preened but to be honest that's not likely to happen any time soon! Just getting out of the house and to our destination with everybody happy, fed and still wearing everything they left the house in is miracle enough at the moment (Noah in particular has a habit of losing socks wherever he goes!)

It's pretty appropriate that our photos for May are taken in the park, because that's pretty much where we've been spending all of our time lately!

I remember writing about how much I hate the park back when Tyne was an only child, and although it's never going to be my favourite place I have definitely come to appreciate it a lot more since having more children - particularly on sunny days when you just want to get out and get some air and feel the sunshine on your skin, but you don't want the hassle of sand everywhere (The other "go to" thing when you live in a seaside resort like we do!) and you don't want to pay a fortune to go to the pier or the zoo/farms etc - for those days when you just want somewhere free to go for an hour, the park is a lifesaver!

We have a great geological park just down the road from us which has a sand area, diggers, fossil digging, a trampoline and all kinds of other things which Tyne just loves but I like to try and find a new park each time we go out as it makes it more of adventure that way so that's what we've been doing this month - going to a new park a couple of times a week.

Now that Noah is old enough for the swings he really enjoys it too - I think I'm going to be in trouble once Sailor is old enough though, as most parks only seem to have two swings - I can see a lot of swing-related arguments in my future!

In the Month Of The May, Mummy Has Been Loving:

*MAD Blog Award excitement - being listed as a finalist and getting excited about going to a real awards ceremony! Eeeek!
*Eating healthy and feeling more energised
*The return of Britains Got Talent on Saturday nights
*Getting to go on a cruise again!!!
*Visiting beautiful Norway for the first time and seeing the majectic Fjords
*Watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix - and loving Titus!!!

Daddy Has Been Loving:

*His Mantic Games delivery - lots of new little figures to paint!
*Finally getting to watch Deadpool - hilarious!
*Cruising through the Norwegian Fjords and having a great holiday
*Mummy being listed as a MAD Blog Finalist! (#Fan)
*Watching the new series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tyne Has Been Loving:

*His new bedtime story book Cops & Robbers
*His toy handcuffs and arresting anybody and everybody for being "cat thieves!"
*Playing sword fights with Noah with their new foam swords
*Watching "The Pirates" and "Hotel Transylvania" on Netflix ...a lot!
*"Homemade Subway" for lunch (A ham roll and a cookie!)

Noah Has Been Loving:

*Playing sword fights with Tyne
*Crawling after Tyne and smothering him with kisses if he catches him!
*Hiding all the remote controls
*Attacking the recycling box in the kitchen and redistributing it all around the house!
*Constantly trying to escape up the stairs!

Sailor Has Been Loving:

*Tummy tickles
*Cooing at everybody and trying to "chat"
*Lots of cuddles
*Lots of milk!

So that's us for May...fingers crossed we manage some more half decent photos for June!

To see our month in moving pictures, have a look at our Monthly Montage video for May - we've been joining in with Alex from Bump To Baby on her #MyMonthlyMontage challenge since October and I love that we now have an incredible 6 months of videos to look back on - it's incredible to see how much our family has changed in such a short time!

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