Saturday, 14 May 2016

Our Formal Wear Cruise Outfits

cruise outfits

cruise outfits by hayley-mclean featuring shoes

We head off on a 7 night cruise of the Norwegian Fjords on Monday and I am SO EXCITED!

Having said that, the past few weeks have been pretty stressful as we try to prepare for it - between last minute passport problems and various other hold ups, it has seemed that the fates were against us and one of the biggest problems I've had has been finding a formal outfit that I feel comfortable in.

It's no secret that I'm in a very unhappy place with my appearance right now, and trying to find an evening gown that I liked and felt flattered all of the parts of me that cause me so much upset has been really hard - I think I've visited just about every single shop going in the past week in search of one!

But eventually I managed to find one that I liked and felt comfortable - the dress I chose is the one pictured above which is by Quiz clothing at Debenhams - it was reduced to £55.00 too which really helped to seal the deal as evening wear can be so expensive and for something I'm only going to wear once, I didn't want to be paying into the hundreds!

I needed a pair of elegant silver heels to go with it and picked up this pair from New Look just yesterday - the photo doesn't do them justice. they are so very sparkly and it feels strange to be wearing a pair of sparkly heels again after living in flats since mummyhood descended!

Jon of course also needed a nice formal outfit, and we managed to find a really nice one in our local Matalan for a really good price - men can wear just normal suits aboard the ship on formal evenings but Jon loves the chance to properly dress up in a tuxedo as when else do you really get to go all out like that?!

He did struggle to find a nice pair of formal shoes to go with it though, until we stumbled across Jones Bootmakers online who had a fantastic selection!

I'm so looking forward to getting ourselves and the kids all dressed up in our formal outfits (The boys have little 3 piece suits to wear, too!) for the Captains Welcome Aboard reception and having some nice family photos taken!

Have you been on a family cruise before? I'd love to hear what you thought!
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