Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pampers Little Champions

Did you know that a cruising baby can take as many steps in one day as a marathon runner does during a race?

No, neither did I - but when I think about how far my little Noah can get if I turn my back on for just a second, it doesn't really surprise me!

Noah is 13 months old now and has been cruising with confidence for the past 3 - he can work his way around the living room at lightning speed and seems to be a constant mission to explore new parts of the house.

Infact, last week we realised that the time to re-fit the stair gate at the foot of the stairs had come when I turned my back for just a moment to tend to Sailor and turned back to find that Noah had actually managed to scale the stairs and make his way into Tyne's bedroom!!!

I had no idea that he was fast enough to make that escape in such a short time, and my heart has been firmly in my mouth ever since incase he manages such an escape tactic again (stair gate now fitted and lesson learned!) 

But it just goes to show how quickly babies can go from this little wriggly thing laying in its crib and never going anywhere, to suddenly mastering crawling and cruising and being away in a flash before you quite know what's hit you!

Just like a marathon runner, or any other athlete, babies of course need the right kit to allow them the greatest possible freedom of movement and maximum comfort in their little adventures and that's why rely on Pampers who have recently teamed up with Olympic Champion and national treasure Jessica Ennis-Hill to launch the Pampers Little Champions Campaign.

Jessica, mum to her own little Reggie, says: "As a mum I love being active with Reggie – we have so much fun together and I know that it’s great for his development – that’s why I’ve teamed up with Pampers to encourage mums to celebrate their little one’s champion moves! Our babies are the future generation of medal winning athletes after all…’

Pampers Love, Sleep & Play expert, Dr. Ellie Cannon explains how research shows that an opportunity to move is an opportunity for movement development to happen:

‘Feeling physically free and uninhibited whilst being supported and safe is an important part of a baby’s exploration of the world and physical development. Babies don’t need instructions to learn - they learn through self-discovery and encouragement from those around them. That encouragement comes in all forms: not just a clap from mum and dad, but also being unrestricted in their clothes and nappy. Freedom to move without restriction is a key aspect of your baby’s development environment’.

Pampers are the only nappies with NEW revolutionary Magical Pods - absorbing channels that help to distribute wetness evenly – providing a sag free fit and superior dryness so that babies are able to show off their champion moves with all the freedom they need!

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