Sunday, 15 May 2016

Siblings in May

 The older my 3 boys get, the more it makes me laugh - and also kind of freaks me out! - to look at them, because you not think they look just nothing like brothers at all?!

I always imagined having more children after Tyne, and in my minds eye I would see little smaller versions of him running about - but the reality couldn't be further from that!

Tyne's hair isn't showing any signs of getting less white as he gets older and that doesn't surprise me at all - my own hair was the same white blonde until I was around 10 years old when it slowly started to turn more of an ash blonde. Even now in my 30s, my hair is still naturally blonde and I think Tyne's will be the same way.

Then along came Noah - and while his dark brown eyes weren't unexpected as he gets them from his Dad - his ginger hair has come completely out of nowhere! It is getting lighter all the time, and now the back of it has more light blond to it than red although the top is remaining the same red colour - so I have absolutely no idea what to expect his hair colour to do as he grows! I think he may stay a red head but Jon thinks he'll be totally blonde before he's 2 - we'll see!

So when we were awaiting Sailor's arrival, we wondered which of our two boys he would look like - and when he first arrived I saw Tyne in him completely - but now he's getting more of his own features about him and looking less like a newborn and more like his own little person - It seems to me that he is one all of his own again! I can't see Tyne or Noah in him at all!

Although his eyes are blue they are a completely different shade of blue to Tyne's - and their shape seems completely different to Tyne's almond eyes and Noah's round eyes - as for his hair, it seems for the time being to be remaining quite dark although in some lights it looks blonder.

I just don't understand how 3 boys, all from the same parents, can each look SO very different to each other - I swear if I saw the three of them in a room together and didn't know any better, I would never peg them as brothers - would you?!

But looks aside - their relationships are ALL brotherly love!

Tyne & Noah's is my favourite one to watch as the two of them are now at an age where they can really play together-  this week they both bought foam swords at a pirate festival and have been properly sword fighting with each other! You'd think Noah was too young for that at only 13 months but he knows exactly what he's doing when he sits there swinging his sword back and forward at his brother and laughing away!

Noah is SO affectionate - by far the most affectionate of all of them - and he spends most of his time crawling around after Tyne, and covering him in kisses and hugs when he catches him (Tyne protests "He's drooling on me!" quite a lot!) - he also loves to cover Sailor in kisses too, and to put his head next to him and say "aaaaah cug-cug" which is obviously Noah language for cuddles!

I think Sailor is starting to recognise his brothers more too, as he seems to flinch every time he gets a glimpse of Noah - obviously aware that the sight of him means he's probably going to be getting bashed at and prodded very soon! ;)

As for Tyne & Sailor - they still don't have much to do with each other during the day as Tyne is far too busy playing and being with Noah, but of an evening he still asks if he can have Sailor on his knee for cuddles and whenever we go anywhere without him (as we did this week when my mum and dad looked after Sailor for the day while we took the older two out) Tyne spends the whole time whining "But I miss my baby Sailor...." constantly!

It's very hard work having 3 little ones quite this little all at once, but the moments when you see them cuddled up like this, kissing each other, cuddling and drooling all over each other are just beyond cute and they make me so glad to have them all being little together.

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