Friday, 3 June 2016

A Special Fathers Day Gift From Bella & Bow PLUS Your chance to win!

When it comes to Fathers Day gifts, I have to admit to not being the most creative shopper.

My own Dad has always received pretty much the same two gifts from me year after year, no matter what the occasion - a bottle of Bells Whisky or a packet of socks! My Dad is one of those guys who likes what he likes, and isn't really into it suited everyone to stick to those same gifts year after year, occasion after occasion.

But when I found myself in the position of buying a Fathers Day gift for Jon on behalf of our children, I was pretty stumped...Jon is different from my Dad in that he doesn't really have any hard and fast FAVOURITE things I could pick out for him...and he's much more a fan of heartfelt and sentimental gifts, which I can fully appreciate - I much prefer a sentimental sort of gift myself!

Last year I was given the opportunity to work with Bella & Bow on a review of a personalised handprint charm for Mothers Day...that charm, even though it only has Tyne's handprint as he was the only child I had at the time, remains one of my most treasured possessions and I wear it pretty much everyday.

So when Bella & Bow got in touch to ask if I'd like to take a look at an item from their Fathers Day range to gift to Jon, I was thrilled and I knew it was going to be the absolute perfect gift for him!

There's a great range of mens items to choose from, from different bracelet and necklace designs to keyrings, and each of them can be personalised with childrens or pets prints and names along with a little message.

I opted for the Leather bracelet as I felt like it would suit Jon's style more - I chose to have it personalised with all of our 3 boys handprints and the message "Our Daddy, Our Hero".

I was concerned that perhaps 3 handprints would be too many, but upon reading the description I soon discovered that they can actually hold up to four prints - perfect!

Bella & Bow informed me that they wouldn't need Tyne's handprint to be taken as they had it on file from our last item...I thought that was very clever, how handy would this be for ordering gifts for multiple family members throughout the year?!! 

As Noah and Sailor are new arrivals since our last experience with Bella & Bow, I needed to get their handprints sent off - Bella & Bow send a very easy to use kit in the post along with an SAE for easy return of the prints.

I wanted to try and keep the bracelet a surprise, but I was concerned about how I'd do this with the print kit arriving in the post - luckily it was discreet enough for Jon not to question what it was, and getting the prints was SO easy that I didn't need to ask for any help or make a fuss at simply wipe babies hand (or foot) with the inkless wipe, press their hand firmly onto the special paper provided and thats it! It was all done and dusted within a couple of minutes at most!

Just a week or so later, the beautifully gift boxed bracelet arrived and once again, the quality took my breath away.

The leather bracelet is smart and timeless, something I'm sure any man from young Dad to Grandpa would be thrilled to wear...and the engraved message and clarity of our boys handprints were simply amazing!

Seeing their 3 little prints all lined up together in size order brought a real tear to my corny as it sounds, a gift like this is so much more than just any old Fathers Day's something that will truly be treasured forever.

A reminder for the rest of a parents days of this time in their lives...when their children were young, when those little hands held theirs.

The saying goes "They only hold your hand for a short while, but they hold your heart forever"...and it's so true...there's something so precious about the thought of that little hand being there years to come, on this beautiful bracelet. 

A lifelong reminder for Jon of how little they were, how far they've come and the years spent being their Daddy...their hero. 

I can't think of a more perfect gift for Fathers Day.

The Leather Engraved Bracelet is available HERE 


The very generous people at Bella & Bow are giving one lucky reader the chance to WIN their very own Mens Leather Engraved Handprint be in with a chance simply CLICK HERE and enter your details!

Good Luck!

*Please note, this competition is hosted by Bella & Bow.

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